Wednesday, March 26, 2014

So What Wednesday!

this is how i feel..

This has been such a long week and it's only WEDNESDAY...

Last night we had Reading Night at school. The kids got to come in and do a bunch of fun reading activities. It was a pretty good time and it was fun seeing the kids get excited for reading.

OH and the weather has been awful. It was gorgeous flip flop weather last week and now its in the low 30s....WTF is that?? I NEEEEED warm weather stat!

ANYWHOOOOS since it is wednesday I thought I'd give ya a dose of 'So What Wednesday'


...if i was more than a little cranky that i had to skip Zumba because of our reading night

...if all i can think about is getting to go workout tonight. I am becoming obsessed with our new gym and I cannot wait to head over there tonight

... if i am SOOOO excited that this is the last Wednesday without baseball for MANY months

...if i do not feel guilty about watching all my bravo shows at D's house and making him watch with me

...if i get an undeniable urge for chocolate and am pretty dang tired of depriving myself.

...if i am counting down the school days until summer vacation (i swear i still love my job)

Happy Hump Day pretties!


  1. I cannot deprive myself of chocolate! I'd go crazy. I get the 100-130 calorie packs of chocolate (either weight watchers or skinny cow). And then I'm set. Chocolate without feeling bad about eating it! :)

  2. i think STS needs to make that baseball tee and sell it! love it!

  3. That pic of the bulldog is Roxy every time we go for a walk.... she's in a happy trot at first and on our way back she's lost all pep and just can't go anymore lol.

  4. Girl I hope you let yourself have some chocolate! Moderation is a-okay and you've been kicking ass in the gym so you deserve it!


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