Friday, March 28, 2014

Pits & Peaks


it's friday ladies and we madeeee it :)
I am so glad it is friday and that the weekend is upon us since I have many fun things in store this weekend! Baby Shower road trip is one! EEEEK!

Anyways it's been a long week and i am ready for some relaxation away from the kiddos...even though I know I will be heading up to school on Sunday to work and get caught up.

Alrighty moooooving on, I am linking up with the FAB allie today for Pit & Peak.

Pit-Worst Part of your week
Peak- Best part of your week.

I like to get the bad stuff outta the way first..


--I missed Zumba on Wednesday. It was for a totally good reason. We had reading night at school, but still I was bummed to miss it.

--The weather has been bringing me down majorly. It just makes me feel exhausted. It rained Wednesday and Thursday...where is sunny & 75?

--This one has not happened yet, BUT even though I am so excited for this baby shower tomorrow for one of my good friends, I have to miss D's brother & sister-in-law's baby shower. :( UGH, I really wanted to go...however I knew about Megan's first and we have been friends for almost 5 years.

--my email was hacked AGAIN!!! But i have since gotten rid of yahoo, and now have a gmail email. It is I hope this fixes my issue!


--I ran (ALL WEEK) a 1.5 mile straight through! I am so proud of myself for how far I have come. I know I know, you are prob thinking...'uh 1.5 miles is NOTHING' but for this girl it is! I have never ran a full mile without stopping until the last two months let alone adding more onto it. One day I might just consider myself a runner..

--I only had 3 kids not pass their area/perimeter test. I am feeling awesome about that!! My kiddos are rockstars.

--My family has finally decided on a place for vacay this year. GALVESTON!!! The last time i was a vacation was ohhh... 2009. I cannot wait AND D is coming too. I too excited. Oh and that means my ass needs to be hitting that treadmill even harder!!

Have a fab weekend ladies :)
See ya on Monday!


  1. I've never been to Galveston, but I've been seeing it on House Hunters and it looks like a great beach vacay! You'll have an amazing time :)

    And look at you baby shower central! What's in the water? lol And yessssss I've started to notice when an email from you is spam and I just don't open it. It's become tradition!

  2. Wait, Galveston where?! As in Texas?!


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