Thursday, March 6, 2014

Currently {March Edition}

First of all to everyone who commented yesterday on my post, thank you so much. I felt to uplifted and I am glad to know I am not the only one who anxiety even about the small things. Sometimes I feel like I am a crazy person, but I felt a lot better after talking with so many of you.

You guys rock.

So to lighten things up around these parts, here are a few of my currents..


{watching} Southern Charm. We all know I am obsessed with Bravo! This new show combines everything I love, Reality TV + Southern Things.

{drinking} Well I DID IT. The entire month of February I only drank water. (this month is no sweets/desserts BTW) and I think I did great :) I am pretty much only having water still, but I did have a sweet tea over the weekend and wine WILL be had on Friday :)

{thinking} that I am effing ready for warmer weather!! I am OVER the BS of snow and freezing temps. Spring where are ya??

{listening} to this song. #LOVEEEEE #countrymusic

{worried} about how behind we are at school because of all the snow days. Oh and parent teacher conferences this next week..EEEEEK

{excited} for helping Cody & Jen move into their new place. They just bought a house and are packing and I cannot wait to help. (aka wine will be drank while cleaning out jen's closet :))

{needing} to workout I skipped last night because I stayed late at school to get a lot done, but I am back on tonight and plan on going the rest of the week.

Happy Thursday!!!


  1. I love that Thomas Rhett song too - love him in general. I watched Southern Charm and I have mixed feelings. I LOVE Cameran, I remember her from Real World San Diego YEARS ago, but the guys seemed kinda like douche bags? But it is very Charleston.

    1. as soon as I saw cameran I was like hey that girl was on Real World. Then I had to google it just to be sure!

  2. Look at you go with no wine or beer for a month! I don't know how you did it congrats gurlie! You deserve a bottle of the best wine tomorrow ;-)

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  4. I can't wait until the weekend!! Woohoo - I gave up soda and snickers for Lent. LOL - but I really don't drink soda anyway...but sweet tea is a different story! hahaha.


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