Wednesday, February 12, 2014

What to Wear {Staying In OR Going Out}

As we all know  LOVE clothes and fashion. Now granted I am ALWAYS in stretchy pants, i do enjoy getting dressed up and doing things. As I posted here, I love special occasions/holidays where you get to dress up and follow some sort of code. AKA valentines day is PINK & RED.

If you are not sure what to wear just yet, i put together a few looks that I think will work for ANY valentines day plans. YES I am all about DOING SOMETHING on this holiday even if you do not have a significant other.


Okay so for 'the going out' I picked two looks.

The first peachy one shoulder is sweet and classy. I picked it bc I know D would love this one. He likes this type if 'sexy' best. Paired with nude heels and some gold & punk bangles finish it off. It is elegant and not overtly sexy with all the business hanging out.

The second going out look is more va va voom. A tight black dress with bright pink jewelry ( it's valentines day after all) makes this look an excellent choice for a night out with a date or with girlfriends. Slap on the nude heels from the first look and it's a go. It is time for dancing, drinking and being merry.

For 'a night in' look, I still wanted something sexy but not too over the top for dinner in. I picked dark skinnies with a pretty lace top(in the holiday pink). Sweet heart earrings and black flats for a comfortable yet chic night in outfit. This can be if you are your hunny are eating in or going somewhere a bit causal. Also, if you are heading to get Mexican with the girls this is cute enough to be celebrating but not over the top for some cashew chicken.

Have we all figured out plans for that night?


  1. LOVE that peach dress! JL and I have zero plans...neither of us are big V-day celebrators!

  2. LOVING that peachy dress... gorgeous! I won't have a v-day outfit, as we're not big on v-day and we'll be staying in and having fondue. Nom nom nom

    Can't wait to see what plans are in store for you! :)

  3. Very cute!! John and I are just going to dinner at my favorite Italian restaurant. I have not decided what to wear yet, how unlike me!


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