Wednesday, February 26, 2014

What I am Loving {Country Concert Edition}


the boys from Florida Georgia  Line and Tyler Farr will also be there :)

I cannot wait. Last summer I went to multiple country concerts. Tim McGraw & Kenny Chesney. I also saw Keith Urban in the fall.

I love concerts, specifically country concerts.

There are many reasons WHY i love them & since I am sure you are dying to know, I have complied them into a list.

{1} The atmosphere. There is nothin' better then people singing along to songs that have meaning and not just a bunch of expletives strung together. Beers raised up and swaying to the music.

{2} The boys. Now, yes I am very happily taken and wouldn't trade D for anyone (and he happens to fall into this category). Country boys make my heart swoon. Tight jeans, boots and a plaid pearl still my heart. Jacked up trucks with country music blaring. PLEASE&THANK YOU.

{3} The attire. I can go in jean shorts and cowboy boots and be just fine. I love love love cowboy boots and a country concert is the perfect place to wear them. I don't feel like i have to go above and beyond with a crazy short dress and heels. Comfortable is what i neeeed.

{4}The music. OBVI. Country music is my favorite genre and the songs just make me feel good. end of story.

{5} My indescribable desire to be southern. yeah, i said it. I should have been born in the south. I love everything from the sweet tea to the slow draws to the monogrammed everything. I really should have been a belle.

There ya have it.

I cannot wait til tomorrow night! I am so excited to Mr. Aldean and hang out with my girls!!

happy hump day!


  1. I think you would fit in down here girl! :) Have so much fun at the concert!

  2. Yes even though you weren't born down here (neither was I) I think you should relocated anyway just cuz yeah you do belong here!

    Have fun!!!

  3. You would definitely fit in down here! I honestly thought you WERE from the south for the longest time!

  4. So jealous! Have a wonderful time! What time should I be at your house? ;)

  5. So jealous you're going to see Jason Aldean!!! I saw Alan Jackson last May and it was amazing! Like you said, the atmosphere at a country concert is the best!


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