Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Weekend Things

Yeah so I had yesterday off...and i still didn't post..

but i am back in action and ready to go today :)

So this weekend was quite lovely if i do say so myself. I had friday (and yesterday) off. In my school district we do not get a 'spring break' but rather a four day weekend in February, March, & April. This past weekend was our first.

{1} OOTD for running errands around down. Pink & Red for Valentines. (leggings are from F21)
{2} Tried out Pita Pit for the first time...DELISH. a bit pricey, but really good.
{3} OOTN for valentines date. Pink dress with leather jacket over top
{4} Roses & lillies with my favorite chocolates from D :)

Aa far as a our date on valentines, D took me to this movie theater that had recliners and you get to eat dinner there while watching the movie. We saw Winter's Tale. It was pretty good and nice date movie. I cried, but what else is new. It was a perfect 1st Valentines with D

Saturday & Sunday
{1} Breakfast Saturday Morning, eggwhite with peppers, spinach &  turkey pepperoni with siracha and an orange
{2} Mexican Date with linds
{3} Saturday Selfie
{4} Gym time--killing the leg press (I am going to start posting my workout re caps on Sundays--check out my first one here)

So that sums up my weekend. We did watch Last Vegas (Hilarious, watch it now!) We also watched Captain Phillips. It was pretty good, i fell asleep because I was exhausted, but from what i did see I liked it.

How was your weekend?
only 4 days til the next one.


  1. I love seeing all your workout updates - it inspires me!

  2. Aw, I'm glad you and D had a good V-day! :) Your outfits are so cute!

  3. Can I come work with you? You have more days off than anyone I know!

    And get it gurlie with those workouts!!! :)

  4. I didn't post yesterday either and I was off too! Oops! Haha. D is so sweet, sounds like a wonderful date! Love that you're keeping track of your workouts! You've been so consistent lately, very awesome!


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