Monday, February 3, 2014

Weekend Shenans

I don't even wanna say good morning.
It is not a good morning because I want to be back in my bed.

Mondays always suck, but this one even more so.
This weekend literally went by at a WHIRLWIND pace! I feel like I was just driving home on Friday. PLUS did anyone else wonder where the Broncos were last night? I sure as hell was. The best team in the NFL was not playing the Sea hawks last night.

mmmkay moving on....

{1} OOTN for friday night sushi
{2} new 'merica background on my phone
{3}Sushi on Friday night. OMG delish. We tried a new place and I am obsessed
{4} Tropical Smoothie for a late breakfast on Saturday
{1} Qdoba on Saturday. I was a good girl and ate as healthy as i possibly could. NO queso, or chips and salsa. I got brown rice and black beans with chicken and veggies.
{2} Just a rainy day selfie. #hotmess
{3} We went out to D's parents Saturday and obviously played aggravation.
{4} I AM SERIOUSLY OBSESSED with this Tyler Farr song!
{1} Painted my nails for the game (poor bronco's)
{2} D & I got up to workout Sunday before the game, this is what we awoke too...snow & ice. WE STILL went and walked over to work out #motivation
{3} D & I waiting on his parents to get here
{4} Our feast of game day snacks. I may have indulged a bit too much yesterday but I am back on today and have a healthy lunch packed and ready to hit the gym tonight after school!

Alrighty, let's just get this Monday over and done with!


  1. SUSHI! OMG - the place I went to for lunch on Friday was amazingggg.

  2. Totally indulged yesterday too! So worth it. You gotta let loose every now and then! :) Hope you have an awesome workout tonight!

  3. Wish I was able to indulge last night. But no my ass was hungover and sick at the same time. DAMN COLD!!!


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