Wednesday, February 5, 2014

wednesday {Snow Day}

and school is cancelled.

this is our 12th one i believe this year.
what is is this mother nature, what the eff is this?

so anyways i think we got a good 4-5 inches (maybe more) yesterday. The wind today is fierce. Plus a high of 18 (without windchill) all results in sarah at home in her sweats again.

My runny nose and sore muscles and my need to finish Divergent is thankful.
my cabin fever is not.

So since it is Wednesday I thought we would just do some randomess--

Since warm weather seems so far away, i thought I would share some winter items I am lusting currently.

pleated skirts with tights. This looks has to be worn correctly (probably by someone with little to no butt aka not me) but i think it is so chic
found here

Bulky knit scarves. Warm and they look so cozy

found here
aztec. Yeah I am late to this trend i s'pose. BUT I LOVEEE it.
found here

I missed Shahs last night. D and I made deer burgers with some friends and I was vetoed for the watching of trashy tv. BOOOO. I am hoping Bravo shows it later.

I had a great workout last night. I basically speed walked (4.0) and 4.5 incline for 2 miles. I am getting bored with the elliptical. (my toes fall asleep, anyone else??). I was sweating really good at the end. I am adding more ab workouts in and killed 50 squats. *my legs are feeling it today*

Being home has made my breakfasts more fun the last two days.

L: Whole Wheat PB2 rounds with an orange
R: Egg Whites with spinach, chicken, peppers & siracha plus pineapple

happy wednesday friends.


  1. Your breakfasts look ahhhmazing!

  2. Umm that pleated skirt with tights is so cute. I feel like I need it in my life.

  3. I love the pleated skirt look but like you said, if you have a big butt it's hard to pull it off! The hem is always much higher in the back because of that and then it looks a little... suggestive. :/ Womp womp.

    Your egg whites with chicken breakfast looks seriously so tasty. I've never thought about combining meat and eggs like that in the morning... I need to change it up!

  4. Super jealous of your day at home in sweats, but not jealous of the weather. This winter has been extra fierce for everyone. All you guys up north have been getting pounded with snow and us southerners have been experiencing unusually colder temps. Not cool mother nature!

    P.S. I get vetoed a lot for my trashy reality tv... that's what the DVR is for! Just set it to record the series, and watch it when you can ;-)

  5. Love the knit scarf! I'm loving the Aztec trend too, but have yet to purchase anything in that print. Maybe soon!


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