Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Snow Days Activities

It will never be summer
 I swear.

So since I have now become an expert on snow days, ya know since I have had 14 this school year and counting. There are many types of snow days to have, and to be honest I have had them all. Now there are a few things that you can do on these beloved (and sometimes drawn out ) snow days.

{1} Sleep in. I will say I have done this most snow days! These times vary from 7:30-9 when I roll outta  bed. I am usually up by 5:45, so sleeping in any later than 6 is great.

{2} Watch extensive amount of reality tv. I have gotten caught up, re watched and gotten sucked into new and old shows. Just being a big ole vegetable on the couch. Yoga pants & a hoodie required.

{3} Clean.  The kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, the whole house. Get the nitty gritty places sparkling. Dusting, vacuuming, scrubbing grout...HEY you've got the whole day..why not clean {riiiighht}

{4} Organize. Clean out the closet, re-fold messy clothes in dresser drawers, use those baskets that are in the closet to get under the sink neat. I am sure there is SOME place in your house that needs to be organized.

{5} Shop. yes I am guilty. Since I live in the city, the roads are usually way better than where my school is located (in the country). So while the roads near school are terrible the city streets are clean and I hot target, the mall, wherever...and it is WAY less crowded.

{6} Blog. DUH. I am mostly caught up with all my fave blogs and started scheduling posts. I am feeling great about getting things organized and ready to go.

{7} Cook, bake, what-have you. Since I had so much time on my hands I have made a few treats for D and had somewhat fab dinners ready for him when he got home (house wife wannabe i tell ya). The house smells good and everyone loves little treats.

Anyone else effing sick of snow?
yeah i am.


  1. I am so over winter! I know that living in PA means cold & snowy winters but this has been ridiculous AND we are supposed to get more. Plus it's been so cold that when we get snow it never melts, it just sticks around in dirty ugly piles. I want to hibernate until spring. Ok, thanks for letting me get that out of my system, haha. Stay warm, girl! xo

  2. SO over this damn weather. I'm forgetting what warm weather and sunshine feel like and that makes me sad :(

  3. We had ONE day in the 60s (Sunday) and it was AMAZING. I wore shorts and a tshirt and even though it wasn't very pretty outside, I loved it. We're now back in the 20s and I'm dreaming of when I can bust out the shorts again. Probably won't be too long though. Bipolar Houston weather can change in a few minutes, you never know!

  4. I am very over it! Come to MN.....it's way worse here! ha.
    Although we have only had 5 snow days...I think our schools are a little more tough on calling snow days!


  5. PLEASE send it my way. 14 days off of school sounds really stinkin' amazing right now. Really though, when you're done with it, send it our way. It's going to be 80* here this weekend... and it's mid-February. June-September is going to suck in Vegas this year!

  6. Don't you guys get some of the snow days forgiven? In STL if they go above 10 snow days then some of them are forgiven and they don't have to make them up.


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