Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Single Valentine's Day

SO Valentine's Day is right around the corner and as per usual I am excited. NOW, I don't really like the whole stigma that goes along with Valentine's Day aka Single Awareness Day. I do not like that saying at all. I mean, I get it. When you do not have a significant other/someone to celebrate with it definitely makes you feel more aware that you are single. It doesn't have to be about having someone to not having someone. It can just be about showing affection and care for anyone, even friends.

I think it should be that way.
just showing care and love for those in your life.
not a depressed day.

I am lover of all holidays. Valentine's Day is no exception. Give a reason to dress up I will take it.
This is actually my first Valentine's Day EVER with a boy to share it with it. I spent a lot of V-days with friends or just on my own. I don't remember ever being super depressed on this day. Last year was a bit rough, but that was other stuff going on.

So since I have spent ALL Valentine's Days without a 'normal' Valentine I thought I'd share a few things that you can do to get more in the spirit and not let this holiday make you feel bad about yourself!

For you marcy :)

{1} Wear it. I love dressing according to the holiday. Halloween, black sweater & an orange scarf. St. Patty's Day, GREEEN..DUH. Valentine's Day, wear the red or pink. Even if it's just a scarf or jewelry.

{2} Buy chocolate FOR YOURSELF. There is no shame in that game. Get yourself a big ole box. Splurge on the expensive chocolate, just do it. You will enjoy it.

{3} Workout. Balance the chocolate and hit the gym. Chances are the gym will be bare since others will be out with their own Valentine. You can have your pick of a machine and those endorphins are gonna make your mood sky rocket.

{4} Chinese food and a slasher flick (or a comdey, NOT a ROMCOM) Get take out, put on sweats and indulge in a NON romantic movie.

{5} The classic. The classic single girl's evening with friends, wine and dancing. V-Day is on a friday this year. Grab other single friends and hit the town. ORRRRR grab some wine and watch Harry Potter....that sounds pretty fab any night though.

{6} Send Valentines. This is not just for my 3rd graders! Send Valentines to your co-workers, family & friends. There are tons of cute valentine (cheap) ideas on pinterest. Your friends will love it and it will definitely make their day! (Plus making someone feel special, always makes you feel good!)

Don't let Valentine's Day getcha down friends.
Celebrate. Get in the Spirit :)


  1. One year I spent literally all day Valentines Day in my bed watching How I Met Your Mother, and then I decided to go to the gym. Completely empty. I did enjoy having the gym all to myself!

  2. I loved being your Valentine last year!! hahaha. :) Walter is mine this year. Woohoo! :)

  3. I like the idea of going to the gym when it's empty :-P

  4. It's also a time to bake! Maybe try a new cake or cookie recipe. Valentine's Day is my birthday so whether or not I had a Valentine, it's ALWAYS been fun! Great list of ideas girl! My favorites are 3 and 4, perfect balance!

  5. I love any holiday, so I like Valentine's day as much as any of the others. Any excuse to dress and eat and drink in theme!

  6. This is the first time I'm EVER "celebrating" Valentine's Day with my husband ... and it's actually a group date, haha!! .... and I totally bought myself a little box of chocolate at the grocery store the other day ;)


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