Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Random Wednesday

Hello Wednesday!!

I am glad you are here. The weather yesterday was more than amazing :) Unfortunately it is suppose to rain today and tomorrow..I do not dig it.

Spring where are you.

Today i am linking up for Random Wednesday...

{1} It is baseball season yet? Spring Training has officially started for my boys and the pictures from Jupiter, FL make me so EXCITED :)

#gocards #cardinalnation

{2} Jason Aldean IS ONE WEEK FROM TOMORRRRRROW!! Ahh can you believe it :)
I cannot freakin wait!!

{3} I got new pretties :)

I won't lie. I didn't really need them. D went to get new running shoes and I was browsing and found these. They are from the kids the department so they were a bit cheaper plus the store was running buy 1 get 1 50%...thus i got these babies for 25 dollllas :) #holla

{4} From one holiday to the next... I am already getting excited for St. Patrick's Day! One because I love this holiday, (redheads look great in green & beer..duh) but it is also mine and D's one year! (one year...holy smokes)

{5} I never told you what i gave to D for Valentines. Well first off I made him puppy chow because it's his fave. Then I made him this and found a wooden box at an antique store for it to be kept in.

I dont have a picture of the one i made..but it looks like this--
I didn't keep them in the card box. I hole punched each card twice and the put metal rings to keep them all bound and he is able to just flip through it.


happy wednesday.


  1. I AM SO EXCITED about baseball season!!! can't freaking wait!

  2. I cannot wait for opening day or St.Paddy's Day! I saw JAldean in the summer and I'm going again when he comes back this year.. I just have to wait until July.

  3. Wow one year already whoo hoo!!

    LOVING those sneakers and I also can't wait for some green beer *cheers*

  4. Oh and of course baseball... can NOT wait!!

  5. Cute idea!! And your new shoes are gorgeous! I love getting new workout stuff, it's great motivation to get your butt in there!


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