Monday, February 10, 2014

is the weekend already over?

Oh hello Monday.
Go home.

We got more snow last yes...I AM EFFING OFF SCHOOL AGAIN! Winter sucks.
so much.

This weekend was a great one  however and I a sad it's over...

{1} selfie at target 
{2} D and I had a double date on Friday night and after dinner ended up at a coffee shop. We played Mexican dominoes.
{3} my cute coffee
{4} love this quote

{1} Platos closet was having a huge crazy sale
{2} grocery shopping at Aldis. If you dont shop there, start. Lots of savings and their product has improved tremendously over the last few years
{3} bowling on Saturday night with D's family
{4} selfies :)

{1} tried turkey jerky! It's actually good and only 80 cals a serving
{2} we gave in and got Girl Scout cookies.... Which are not 80 cals a serving 
{3} new background for my phone :)

I am starting this squat challenge ends with 250 squats. Michelle got me on it...
here's to a tight ass.
How was your weekend?!


  1. I love me some Aldi's! I normally get all my produce there!

  2. ummm where did you get that adorable phone background?!?

  3. Ooo love the background Aimee made....I had the same one on my phone! :)

  4. girl scout cookies are evil and by that, i mean delicious. i can't just eat one. esp the thin mints. keep those away from me.

    Vodka and Soda

  5. Holy crappers another snow day?! I hope you guys aren't adding extra days in June!

    And get it gurlie with your squat challenge! Here's to walking bowl-legged!

  6. Oh em gee can we talk about how cute that coffee was?! Sometimes I go to ma & pa coffee shops just for the latte art, lets be real.


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