Tuesday, February 25, 2014

I don't post on Mondays anymore

I guess i don't?

well maybe i do, but i haven't had my posts ready in time..thus my weekend recap is on tuesday AGAIN this week.

I swear this weekend went my way too fast.

My weekend was pretty good. The crimson devil came this weekend so all i pretty much wanted to do was lay around and eat ALL the chocolate..which I did do some of..
but anyways..

{1} The weather was gorgeous. I left my windows behind my desk open when I went to lunch and when I came back these were everywhere!! EFFF.
{3} D and I tried out HyVee salad bar. UM DELISH! they had tons of veggies etc to put on plus different meats and a whole side of fruit.
{4} Funny pin I saw 'I got that gangsta cheese'...straight off the block

{1} Woke up and got a workout in. Leg Day. I am still freakin sore
{2} My dad surprised us and drove down for the day. We went to breakfast and then wandered around mine and dave's favorite antique/junk store
{3} D & I
{4} D took me to one of our favorite places for din. I indulged in cheese dip. (clean eating went out the window for this!)


At the antique store, Dave found this gem. We play aggravation every weekend when we see his parents. Well when he spotted this wooden board (they just have cardboard one) & the tag said 10 dollllas, he grabbed it. We painted the dots where the marbles go and we are gifting it to his parents next weekend! I think it turned out awesome :)

Welp that was my weekened. Throw in sleeping in and some naps and you get the gist.

happy tuesday ladies!


  1. I am cracking up at you saying the crimson devil!!! HAHAHAH

  2. I want some queso. Ugh, my crimson devil is coming this week! blahhhh!
    Love that y'all got that and spruced it up for D's parents!

  3. I hate that time of the month, I want everything that has chocolate or salt in it! And I never feel full which is dangerous. Queso is heaven and the board looks great! Lovely weekend.

    PS. I didn't post yesterday either. Oops. :)

  4. How fun that your Dad surprised you! :) Looks like a great weekend!


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