Thursday, February 20, 2014

A day late {I'm the kinda girl}

Can I get an AMEN for it being thursday!

late to this bloggy craze, way better than 35937 months late like I usually am. I am not a big fan of these type of link ups...BUT i do really like this one :)

PLUS holly is a doll :)

So without anymore gabbing..

I am the kinda girl who--

...can and will cry at any moment. Happy, sad, angry frustrated, at a movie during a song. You name it, i have probably cried during it.

...worries all the time about everything.

...has a hard time NOT assuming the worst.

...puts herself in other people's shoes a lot

...who will never get sick of reading Harry Potter & cannot wait to have kids so I can read it to them.

...who loves old movies (think Doris Day & Judy Garland old)

...still will obsess over Laguna Beach and old MTV shows

...still works out to Spice Girls and jams out BSB

...rehearses what I am going to say to someone in my head over and over before a confrontation might happen.

...over analyzes EVERYTHING

...can be jealous (and tries every day not to be)

...does not forgive easily or quickly

...who loves whiskey and wine equally (but will ALWAYS  say no to tequila)


  1. 5 points for never getting sick of HP! *imagine me saying that in Professor McGonagall's voice*

  2. There are so many on this list that could have been typed from my own fingers! 1-4, 7, 9-11. I used to be a whiskey girl but I don't drink liquor anymore because it brings out my crazy side haha. Love posts like these :)

  3. I'm a crier & a worrier, too. You're not alone! :)

  4. found you through the linkup :) amen to harry potter, spice girls, and BSB. i frequently try to get my husband to be excited about those things as well, but he just doesn't get it. must be a girl thing haha

  5. I worry about everything and rehearse the potential conversations I will have with people about my worries in my head on a daily basis. And then I overanalyze how the conversation would go.


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