Monday, January 6, 2014

Snowmagedon Part 2

See you should have found me at school today. I should be teaching 25 little ones about graphing and main idea in non-fiction texts. I should be..

instead i am at home... for yet ANOTHER Snowday! We got about 4 inches over the weekend and currently with windchill it is -20 outside. 

needless to say school was cancelled along with many other business all around the ozarks. As I sit & complain, my parents (who are in STL) got about 10 inches this weekend, so i guess it isn't too bad.

 I have cabin fever, I want to go back to school, I want to see me kids.'
end of story.
Since it was bitter cold this weeked D & I didn't do too terribly much

{1} I found this quote on friday, and it rings to true in my heart
{2} D rocking his Duck Dynasty tee my sister got him for xmas
{3} We went to D's parent's house on saturday and played what else...Aggravation. It is now  basically a tradition
{4} Snuggled up at D's on Sunday Morning!
{1} Healthy Brunch on Monday, Shrimp, grilled zucchini, & beans
{2} Got a workout in on Sunday (even though it's about 200 feet to apartment gym, i died of cold on the way)
{3} Cooking up veggies&chicken in my new Calphalon skillet for din!
{4} Fajitas, Black Beans & Mama's Family to round out Sunday

How was your weekend?!
Are you freezing your hineys off too??



  1. your food posts had me drooling on my Insta feed! It was freezing here too, but I took to eating cookies to make me feel better haha!

  2. Gosh I couldn't do the whole snowdays things maybe one or two but I would go CRAZY!

  3. I have such bad cabin fever. I need to go out and make sure my car will start for tomorrow. Ugh. 2 weeks til I come see youuuu!

  4. I LOVE Mama's Family!!!! I need to find that immediately! The fajitas look delish!

  5. I love being all cozied up at home, but I'm sure you're experiencing cabin fever at this point.

    Try to keep warm! Sending some warmth your way ;-)

  6. Oh wow, do they know when it will be safe to go back to work/school? I'd be going crazy! Whatever you are cooking up in that skillet looks AMAZING!

  7. I'm in STL - we're off again tomorrow! It will be our third snow day so anything after this means extending the school year or giving up previously scheduled days off. Needless to say I have had my fill of snow for now!


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