Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Overheard {Part 2}

Good Morning!
It's still the arctic tundra in Springfield. I hate winter.
but all i have to say is at least it isn't snow!!

So a while back I did this post about what I overhear in my classroom, because as you know kids say the darndest things. So these are a few things I have heard recently---

 A kid randomly comes up to me and says-
'I was fed breast milk as a baby'
Literally out of NO WHERE!!
Kid:I know something bigger on a woman's body than on a man's body.
Me: uhhhhh what
Kid: her brain

I'm not ready to have a girlfriend.
You're right sir, you are only 9.

Kid:Can't I just stay here?!
Me:No, it's just a short walk down the hall? What's the big deal.
Kid: I have to walk
totally serious. BTW this is one of my athletic kiddos

In the middle of a silent morning work time and not picking up the pencil or taking their eyes off paper 'thanks God for the day. It's been great so far.'
so sweet

In our opinion writing unit, one of my kids said they wanted to have school on the weekends. A reason behind that thought was and i quote 'teachers need more to do, they probably just sit around and watch TV all weekend'

Oh the joys of teaching third grade :)


  1. I love the stuff that comes out of our kids mouths. The three year old is the funniest kid I've met.

  2. Bahahah sit around and do nothing all weekend?! how funny!

  3. Yes, another one of these! I get such a kick out of hearing what comes out of my friends' kids' mouths. Too funny! "Her brain." My favorite is the one thanking God for the day, how sweet!


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