Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Kale Virgin

yeah I am a kale virgin.

It's this crazy super food & so healthy. Well since I am trying so hard to get healthy and fit, i thought well let's try this. I am not totally sold on kale chips (how do they get crispy & i don't believe they will taste better than reg chips) So i found this recipe for kale dip.

I thought, what the hell. Let's do this.
It was simple & very few ingredients (all things I dig) so I tried it out yesterday when i was all snowed in.

all you need is a--

*thing of kale
*1/4 Cup Water
*4 Garlic Cloves
*One small onion (I used red)
*3/4 cup of ricotta cheese
*1 1/2 TBS of parm (i just used the kind in the jar)
*Red Pepper Flake/Salt to taste
*Lemon Zest/Juice


In a skillet saute the kale, garlic & onion in the water for about 10ish minutes. If you notice it getting dry add a few TBS of water. After it is all tender put into a blender/food processor.

Add remainder of ingredients in blender, MIX and serve.

Next time I am going to use less lemon, it was just a bit lemony for me. Also, might try some yellow onion instead.

OVER all i LOVED IT! I cannot wait to snack on it for next couple days.
How have you prepared Kale?


  1. I am also a kale virgin but as someone who is always looking for healthy snack alternatives, this sounds amazing and not too difficult. Great alternative to the normal store bought dip! Looks so yummy and fresh.

  2. I'm going to try this because it honestly looks good even though I hate anything green. Do they sell it at normal grocery stores or do you have to go to an organic store?

  3. I use Kale in my morning smoothie/juices. I juice usually: an apple, banana, clementine, greek yogurt, kale and a little almond milk.

  4. That dip looks oddly delicious. I've had kale in smoothies before but I've never attempted to make chips, like you said I have my doubts.

  5. Oh my gosh that dip sounds so good! I am pinning this and trying it soon!!

  6. I confess I'm a kale virgin too and this looks like the perfect recipe to pop my cherry with. It looks delish! :)

  7. That looks good. I have made kale chips before. I enjoy them. My husband, hater of all things green and healthy even likes them and usually finishes them before I get more than a serving!

  8. I still haven't really jumped on the kale bandwagon. I shop at Walmart (redneck) and it's hard to find there! I've had kale chips before and while they were good, they taste nothing like real chips, haha. Glad to hear you liked this!!


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