Monday, January 27, 2014

How is it Monday?

Oh hello freeeeeeezing Monday!
Yesterday was gorgeous! Mid 50s and sunny!

Now it's below 20 degrees.
Spring where are you??

So this weekend was a great combo of productive & relaxing! D went camping Saturday morning til Sunday afternoon. So I had a lot oh 'Sarah' time.

{1} Dave & I went to bass pro to look at backpacks for his camping trip over the weekend.
{2} Grilled some chicken with BBQ sauce & zucchini for dinner on Friday
{3} Saturday morning workout
{4} D headed out to go camping to I wandered around this massive antique/flea market.

{1} Did some damage at TJ Maxx
{2} A few girls came over on Saturday night for a Premier Jewelry party.
{3} Selfie Sunday morning
{4} Grocery shopping on Sunday! Getting meals planned for this week.

Dave came on sunday afternoon. We laid around then went to dinner at our favorite place. I was a good girl and go the grilled catfish and broccoli (when I really wanted chicken tenders). We also watched 'Prisoners' with Jake Gyllenhal & Hugh Jackman. It was scary! It was really good, but terrifying.

so that was my weekend!

How was yours?


  1. You are doing so great with your meal planning & working out!! proud of you!

  2. Oh my gosh, Prisoners is such a good movie!
    Did your jewelry party go well??

  3. I watched Prisoners over the weekend too. I loved it!

  4. How was the jewelry party? I'm sure there was lots of wine ;-)

  5. You have been doing awesome with meal planning!! I went grocery shopping yesterday but did not meal prep like I planned. Hopefully I can get some done tonight!

  6. Luke has a boys camping trip planned for May. I'm so proud of your meal planning! Any tips?


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