Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Guilty Pleasures

Happy Wednesday! I am so glad that this week is half over!
I am ready for the weekend.

So yesterday as I was perusing the blog world I can across a post (i can't find it) and it inspired me write my very own post. I don't think I have done a post like this ( i could be wrong, bc I was lazy and didn't look) but I loved the idea. (plus you girlfriend loves lists)

{1} Reality TV, LE DUH. I love me some housewives & *shudder* TLC and MTV shows. I wish I was  a bit more embarrassed but I cannot help my love for the trashiest of the trashy.

{2} Eating in front of the TV. D & I do this pretty much every night. As a kid we would go through spurts where we would eat at the table, but a lot of the times we ate in front of the tube. I want this to stop. I think that whenever I have a family I am going to insist that we sit at the table, i just think its nice.

{3} GOMI. yeah yeah that site has mostly hate on it. I get it. I never post, i swear. BUT I did read it on occasion. mostly because i love all things ridiculous and the fact that some people come up with the MOST INSANE things over a few words that someone else writes on the internet his amusing. Oh and i won't lie...sometimes I agree.

{4} Lists. I make about 35385 lists a day. Do i always cross them off...NO. I need to better about that. But I love making lists (obvi-see:this post) it soothes me.

{5} Q-tipping. I LOVE to Q-tip. D reminds me daily that it is not good to do it so often, but i cannot help it.
 how cute is the q-tip dispenser?!

What are your guilty pleasures??


  1. hahaha I love q-tips too! I need them on the daily. And girl you already know I love my reality TV!

  2. Q-tip dispenser: adorable. I remember when TLC had good shows like Trading Spaces and now they have Strange ER stories and My Strange Addiction. Have you seen the one with the woman addicted to plastic surgery and has her breasts augmented to a size LLL? That one is gross.

  3. We used to eat in front of the TV all the time when we were first married up until we had Cash & we would still do it. But once he started sitting at the table with us when he was about 4-5 months old, I said enough is enough. We will occasionally have a movie night on the weekend with pizza & have a picnic on the floor but I try to save those for really special occasions now.

  4. I q-tip all the time. It's like a bad habit. hahah

  5. We eat in front of the tv too for the most part even though we have a breakfast bar, a kitchen nook, and a dining room table. Yep... but I'm sure that'll change when we have kids. We'll definitely sit at the "dinner table" as a family.

    And you know I share your love for watching RHOC, RHBH, and RHONJ. Even though I hate most of the women on NJ I just can't not watch :-P

  6. Yes to GOMI! I think it's funny and sometimes, they are spot on. There is a lot of ugliness, of course, but if you weed through it there is some hilarious stuff on there. I make lists every day and have multiple going all at the same time. List freak for life.


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