Thursday, January 30, 2014

Grilled Thai Cilantro Chicken {EASY PEASY}

Lemon Squeeeeeezy.
too much?

okay so in my attempts to be healthier ginger I have been trying out new recipes. I came across this one and thought to myself that i obvi needed to try it. Few Ingredients + Small cooking time=my kinda meal.

Oh plus its so easy!!!

The ingredients go as follows--

2 TBS of Fish Sauce
1 TBS of Sesame Oil
1/2 cup Cilantro
4 Chicken Breast
2 cloves Garlic


1. I chopped up the garlic and the cilantro
2. Measured the Fish Sauce & Sesame oil out. 
3. Put all of that in a bag.
4. Put thawed chicken breasts in bag & squished around ingredients. (On foodnetwork they always say massage the meat....uhhhh awkward. I just squished.)
5. Put in fridge over night.

Take out of said fridge and cook.
We did it on the George Foreman, but I think in a skillet on the stove will work just fine.

Serve & enjoy. (I made mine with Uncle Bens 90 second rice and green beans)

D loved it. So I do believe it is man approved.

***Now I did not have the fish sauce or sesame oil in my fridge. It was a few dollars per bottle BUT since you use so little its going to last and last!***


  1. Sounds good - and seems easy enough!

  2. That looks and sounds really good!

  3. Where does one find sesame oil or fish sauce? This looks really good and easy!!


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