Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Currently {January Edition}

HELLLLLO HUMP DAY! So glad to see ya!!  
I am so ready for this weekend. I cannot wait to see The Broncos bring home a Superbowl win!!

anyways tonight is Zumba and I am very excited to go.  I was bad and didn't go to the gym Monday. It was freeeeezing and overcast and my couch was calling my name. I hopped back on the train last night and already told D we are going Thursday right after work!! Trying to stay motivated. At least my eating has been good, right?

alrighty onto my currents

I am currently

{Reading} Divergent. I just picked up the first book and have just barely started it! I think I am gonna love it. I just started on Monday & have already made a huge dent.

{Watching} Real Housewives, duh. I am loving Bev Hills. I am SO far behind on ATL that i am pretty much giving up. Can i just say Carlton is a huge beyotch. Because she is. oh and hypocritical. Vicki & her should hangout.

{Drinking} a LOT of water. I pee every 45 minutes I feel like. I have decided that for the month of February I am ONLY drinking water. Nothing else. No milk, sweet tea *CRY* or yes ladies....BOOZE. I am doing one specific healthy thing a month, February is H2O only. So yes Superbowl...will be a dry Superbowl for this girl.

{Loving} I am loving all the scarves I have. I organized my scarves a little while back and I realized I have to many of them and with these bitter cold days they are the perfect addition to all my outfits

{Wishing} for Spring DUH! I cannot wait until spring. I mean I do wish somedays it will take a little longer so I can get my legs looking the way I want them to, but most days I am craving that 65 degree weather.

{Waiting} on the weekend to get here. D & I both are plan-free on Saturday & I cannot wait to spend the whole day with him.

{Listening} to these two songs

{Excited} about ZUMBA on Wednesday. I am really love the instructor and how quickly the class goes by. Plus I am feeling to confident knowing the moves. I still look like an idiot, BUT at least I am starting to remember the moves :)



  1. February is my H20 month, too! :) I haven't had soda since...Saturday I believe, so I started a little early. :) Divergent is the next book I'm reading after I finish The Host. :) Happy Hump Day! xx

  2. Haha Vicki and Carlton... now that's a vision. Carlton would be so quick to call out Vicki and then she'd start with the waterworks. Ugh... I'm not a fan of the 2 newbs this season Carlton or Joyce *meh*.

  3. I never drink soda maybe like once in a blue moon. People look at me crazy for always drinking water.

  4. SO excited for you reading Divergent! It's one of my favorite books. I love having a plan-free weekend. Sometimes it's nice to just do... nothing. :)


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