Thursday, January 16, 2014

Adult Purchases

Good Morning!
I have been absent this week...obvi. Work has been a bit crazy and Tuesday wasn't a good day for me. Just a lot of stress at work, but feeling much better about everything! However of course not my throat is killing me and my nose is all stuffy.... EFFF. Doesn't this sore throat know I have have great plans this weekend???
anyways, I am back today and as I was making out my walmart list last night for groceries etc I realized that being an adult sucks. Now I have been living in an apartment/on my own since about 19. However, certain things DO NOT get easier as you get older. For example buying 'necessity items' is NEVER fun. I am not talking about grocery shopping because I am weirdo who LOVES to grocery shop. I am talking about that stuff that your parents bought you when you lived with them...things you didn't have to worry about.

{1} Toilet Paper. I freaking hate buying this. It sucks because I HAVE to have it. It is expensive. I mean really, I am paying 8 bucks for something I wipe my hiney with. COME ON!!

{2} Toilet Bowl Cleaner. Staying in the bathroom realm, buying this is obnoxious. When I lived at home, we always had it & I never really thought twice about having to buy it for my own sucks.

{3} Batteries. We use these everyday, but geez I never keep xtras around, so when i run out i am effed.

{4} Band-Aids. I NEVER HAVE THESE SUCKERS. Of if I do they are the jumbo ones froma  first aid kit. How did my mom ALWAYS have these in stock.

{5}Razor Blade refills. Mostly because I hate shaving my legs.

Anyone with me? Anyone else pained my having to buy things like this?

maybe I am just a brat?

happy thursday!!!


  1. hahaha loved this and smiled at every single one of them. Toilet paper is such a crappy necessity (no pun intended) but seriously....such a waste of a lot of money.

    batteries might the most expensive thing ever! I hate them.

    We are getting out early today for nasty blizzard conditions! Have a great Thursday! :)

  2. Hope you feel better soon, having Soft Kitty sang to you should help all :)

  3. YES. Totally agree. My last shopping trip was almost exclusively all these sorts of boring items and I wanted to CRY when they came up to such a ridiculously expensive total. :/

  4. I also love grocery shopping! I'm with you when it comes to TP though, my roommates and I used to buy it in bulk from Costco so we could maximize the amount of time that passed between when we had to stock up again.

  5. Oh my gosh this has been such a ridiculous week at work. I cannot wait until tomorrow!

  6. I agree with all of these! And all-purpose cleaner, like for the kitchen and stuff? Most annoying crap to have to buy. I always forget to write it down on my list.

  7. I like grocery shopping too, well actually I'm the weirdo who kind of like all of it. O_O
    Until I get to the register that is..the having to buy doesn't bother me near as much as the freaking cost of it!
    Like we get a large thing of TP one that has like 24 rolls or whatever (since there are like 5 adults living here) & the price is nauseating.
    Also, we always seem to be running out of band aids fast, crazy how fast those can go sometimes.


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