Friday, January 24, 2014

5 on a Friday


DAMN it is good to see you! I am so glad that it is Friday. This week has exhausted me! D is heading out to camp tomorrow morning til Sunday morning AKA I am going to be getting some 'sarah' time plus I am going to be having my Premier Jewelry Party tomorrow night :)

mmmmmmmkay on 5 for Friday 

 {1} I have been tracking my workouts this week and have what i am doing on Friday/Saturday Planned

2.80 on the elliptical 
50 regular crunches 
50 heel touches
50 squats
30 tricep pull down 

Tuesday: Rest

Wednesday: Hour Zumba Class

Thursday: rest

Friday:(what I have planned)
2.0 on the treadmill-mixed walk & run
100 Regular Crunches
50 lower ab raises
50 squats
50 lunges (per leg)
15 push ups
30 tricep pull downs

Saturday: (what i have planned)
3.0 on bike
100 Regular Crunches
50 Hell Touches
2-30 sec planks
40 (4 sets of 10) Tricep pull downs)
30 (3 sets of 10) Rows
50 squats

{2} the weather needs to get warmer, my kids have been nut-o!!! They need to get outside & play!!!

{3} this song

{4} I tried this recipe, thinking it was gonna be great! WRONG!! They were slimey & disgusting!! I advise you to stay away!

{5} Baseball season is only 10 weeks away I believe!! EEEEEK :)

Happy Friday Lovers : )


  1. YAY for baseball season and your workouts!!! that's awesome girl! Love that fresh prince pic too - HAPPY FRIDAY!!!

  2. I also started to keep track of my workouts. Helps to increase things.

  3. YESSSS to Friday! Have fun at your jewelery party and you GO GIRL on your workouts get it get it!

  4. Tell me more about this jewelry thing! Can I order through you and have it sent to me? I am curious about this stuff. :) lol

  5. Good job tracking your workouts!


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