Friday, January 31, 2014

5 for Friday

Holy Geez!!

this has been the longest week, ever.
the kiddies are crazy.
I'm crazy.

we all need a break from each other.
and this rain that is coming later today is NOT helping  anyone's attitude.

So anyways onto 5 for Friday

{1} I have blogged for 5 consecutive days! This NEVER happens. I am pretty sure it hasn't happened since before the holidays.

{2} OBSESSSSSSED with Florida Georgia Line's new song 'This is how we Roll' Featuring LUKE BRYAN....go listen to it now.

{3} Superbowl this weekend! I am pretty excited. D's family is coming to his place and we are in charge of the snacks etc. I think i secretly want to be a housey-housewife, because the thought of making snacks and getting it all ready...excites me to no end. Plus LOVE me some Peyton Manning

{4} It is suppose to snow AGAIN next week. EFF MY LIFE. I cannot take anymore snow. Literally.
We are to the point that we have so many snow days that we are going to be exempt from some according to Missouri Law WHHHAT?!

{5} I am finally getting sushi tonight with some girls I used to work with. D is not a fan of sushi so I cannot wait go and catch up with some good friends :)

ohhhh and sleeping in tomorrow, that is ALWAYS on my list!

TGIF lovers.


  1. Anything featuring my man on the side Luke Bryan is a must-listen!

    Happy Friday gurlie!! :)

  2. I am cracking up over that gif with Kristen & Amy!!!! hahahaha

  3. Love girls sushi nights too and I just downloaded that Florida Georgia/Luke Bryan song. Love it!

  4. I love sushi so I am jealous of your plans tonight! Have a great time!

  5. Our kids were NUTS yesterday, and ((of course)) it rained today. Thankfully, our principal didn't call a rainy day schedule and just told all the kids to stay out of puddles. I think we all would have lost our minds if today had a rainy day schedule. Our preps were moved from the last hour of the day to the morning for 4 days this week. I'm done with all of it, haha! OH, and I have the stomach flu going around my room... Parents can keep their kids for the next 2 days. ;)


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