Friday, January 10, 2014

5 for Friday

Is it really Friday?

this was suppose to be my first full week back after Christmas Break
suppose to be....
Instead this is my first day back..

HALLELUJAH!! I cannot wait to see my kiddies

{1} Almonds are NOT a filling snack. So I am on the healthy train & I am switching out some snacks and I have been adding almonds to the rotation. Let's just say, the fact that i only get 9 pisses me off. Also, they are not filling, and I am still hungry after i inhale them.  #fail #Iwannabeaskinnybitch

{2} SNOW SUCKS. I truly hope we get ZERO snow for the rest of the year. I love it when i get a day or two off, but we are currently at 11 snow days for the school year. EFF MY LIFE!

okay enough grouchyness

{3}A week from today Stephanie will be visiting me! EEEEEEEK :) I cannot wait! I am trying to find fun things to do that week. Since D & I usually sit in sweats and watch Prison Break, I should probably up my game a bit.

{4} I am still meal planning. I have all of next week planned out. D & i are really working on the whole gym thing. I wished I loved it. I would say we are making it 3-4 days a week. I really want it to be 5 days with 2 days of rest. Still pressing on though. 

{5} Have I mentioned I am going to see JASON ALDEAN in February??? BECAUSE I AM!!1 Florida Georgia Line & Tyler Farr open for him. I could not be more excited!!! EEEEK :)

alrighty. have a great weekend lovlies.
Drink & be merry ;)


  1. Oh hey, I usually sit in sweats and watch tv shows (lately Prison Break but y'all are wayyyyy ahead of me) haha! So, I'm literally down for whatever. :) :) Can't wait!

  2. So exciting about Jason Aldean! he's awesome live, if you've never seen him! So is FL/GA Line! You and Stephanie are gonna have soooo much fun! I love a good blate.

  3. I hear ya... diet type snacks NEVER fill me up. I feel just as hungry after I'm done *sigh*. It's like I might as well have had nothing.

    Happy Friday!!

  4. Almonds really aren't all that feeling. I am glad I am not the only one who feels that way!

  5. So jealous you get to go to Jason. I wanted to but I couldn't justify $140 a ticket for nose bleeds. :(

  6. Try eating sliced almonds instead of whole almonds, it sort of helps to make you feel like you're eating more than just 9 little almonds. So jealous of Jason Aldean concert!!


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