Tuesday, January 7, 2014

2 house-wifey things 2 days in a row??

okay obvi I am not a housewife by any means.
Yesterday I shared a recipe, which i hardly EVER do.
and today i am showing you a DIY project I did.

hi, I need to go back to work.
*we are on yet ANOTHER snow day & it is going to snow more today.*

anywhoos, since I am stuck inside, I thought let's be productive.
i mean, i didn't even put on a bra yesterday so it really wasn't that productive (TMI? nahhh)

I had started this a while back. Well Really I had painted a wooden letter and the was the extent Anyways, I really LOVE all the burlap wreaths floating around pinterest and I wanted my own.




okay so basically I just took a foam wreath, wrapped/hot glued plain burlap all the way around. Then I took the pretty burlap (with cream satin, gorg!) and the looped & glued where I thought it looked nice. I wanted it to be a bit 3-D and obvi very rustic. Then I glued the wooden letter on (previously painted)

It took like 30 minutes max. Honestly what took the most was waiting for the glue to dry.


I got all the stuff at hobby lobby, and it was ALL on sale. Their stuff is on sale pretty much every other week!

What are some of your DIY recents?


  1. Thank you for watching this episode of the Real Housewives of Silly Incantations :)


  2. You are pretty dang awesome. Love the wreath!

  3. looks good! I may need to try my hands at one!

  4. Looks cute! I saw a burlap wreath on pinterest but I haven't decided if I'm a wreath kinda gal yet.


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