Monday, December 23, 2013

Workouts & TV

That is what my weekend consisted of...

Oh Happy Monday loves! I hope you are off today, we all know I am. I have to finish up christmas shopping..thus I have to brave the crowds. Fingers crossed i don't kill anyone..I kid.

sort of.
mkkkay on the my super exciting weekend...

{1} Healthy grilled chicken enchiladas with greek yogurt and black beans.
{2} We FINALLY watched White Christmas. It NOW feels like christmas :)
{3} D & I selfie on Sunday
{4} Playing Aggravation at D's parents--let's just day it gets INTENSE!
Getting my saturday sweat on listening to mr. chesney :)

mmkay that was my weekend. Throw in some Prison Break and it's all there.
wild, duh.

Happy Monday lovers, tomorrow is Christmas EVE :)


  1. I have to work today and tomorrow. BOO! My weekend consisted of a whole lot of nothing except a slightly sick walter. :( After tomorrow I'm off until Monday! YAY!

  2. SOOOO glad that neither of us are at work! :) :) good luck shopping today! I will pray for you and those around you that you don't kill them ;)

    Happy Monday Love!

  3. I've already watched White Christmas three times...I just really love that movie! haha!

  4. I haven't been able to watch White Christmas yet.. boo! And greek yogurt instead of sour cream... YUM!


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