Tuesday, December 17, 2013


Well the kiddies & i made it through our first day back after missing 6.5 school days.

We are getting back into the swing of things, slowly. We just gotta get to Friday :)

I am in desperate need of cleaning my apartment...any takers? Oh & laundry too.... My to-do list seems to just keep growing and growing!

Anyways I am linking up again for the 12 days of Blogging. Today's theme is Christmas Traditions.

I wouldn't necessarily say we have a lot of grand traditions. But here are a few that we do each year...

{1} all of our presents from Santa were always unwrapped. Whenever we cam to the living room there was the wrapped presents from family and then the gifts Santa brought us were unwrapped in front.

{2} We opened our stocking gifts (which were wrapped) first.

{3} Sometime during break we always made Christmas cookies & fudge. Sometimes before, sometimes after the actual day.

{4} We always spend Christmas morning with my mom's side and Christmas night with my dad's side.

What kind of traditions do you have?
Happy Tuesday beauties!


  1. Our stockings were always last. I decorated every year with my mom...it was our thing. Then, we would also look at Christmas lights together. My mom also got my brother and I an ornament every year. Most of my traditions were with her. Now, I don't really have any...but I do get Walter and ornament every year. haha.

  2. I'm sure being out of school for so long was a treat, but are you going to have days to make up in the spring semester? I hope not!

  3. We always opened stockings first too, so I've carried on that tradition at our house much to my husband's dismay. He's like a child I swear, he sees big boxes under the tree and wants to dive into those first :-P

    I like the idea of "Santa gifts" being unwrapped, I may incorporate that when I have kids. Because as I got older and wiser I'd ask my mom why Santa had the same wrapping paper as her. And my grandma always gave "Santa gifts" at her house too and I'd ask why Santa had the same handwriting.

  4. Stockings were last for us and unwrapped. Sometimes Santa wrapped, sometimes he didn't - I don't think we cared either way!


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