Monday, December 2, 2013

Thanksgiving Recap


Let me tell ya, after having a week off, this was a rough morning trying to pull the covers off and get ready! I am excited to see my kids, but i definitely wish I was back in my bed...

anywhoos onto the turkey day shenans.
ON the actual t-day, D & I were still in springfield and went out to his parents place for thanksgiving day! I didn't get really any pictures that day ;/

BUT friday morning we were up & at 'em and headed to STL to spend the weekend with my family.
{one}. D & I on our way to STL to see my family
{two}. Relaxing waiting for the turkey to get done
{three}. Ice cold beer waiting for me
{four}. Emily & I 
{one}. We went for a drive on Saturday to a tiny town, stopped at a small dive bar/grill for lunch
{two}. We went to an indoor flea market 
{three}. The fire & Christmas movies 
{four}. D decorating the tree (AWWWWW)

over all it was a great break and I am so sad it's over, but READY to conquer the next three weeks til christmas break!!

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  1. Oh my Gosh....soooo cute that D and you spent the holiday together and that he helped decorate the tree!!! I'm a bit jealous. ;) lol. Also, I Loveeeee flea markets!


  2. A whole week off , you are so lucky!!! Good luck getting back to school seems like you had a great thanksgiving break!

  3. Your hair is so gorgeous! Glad you enjoyed your week off...good luck going back!

  4. It's so hard to get back into the normal grind after such a great break, right?

  5. Damn girl, your hair was on point! Good luck today with your kiddos, hopefully they aren't still too wired from pie!

  6. Sounds like the perfect turkey day weekend :)

    Still super jealous you had the whole week off! It was hard for me to get up this morning after the long weekend, so I'm sure it was rough for you. Boooo!

  7. Getting up this morning was killer! But hey, we are one day closer to Friday right?


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