Thursday, December 5, 2013

Snow & Housewives

How is it already thursday? Thanksgiving was a WEEK AGO??

So this post is just gonna be random...and I am okay with it. Hope your are too :)

So anyways my christmas shopping is almost all done.  Dave is done, my mom is half way done & I know exactly what else I am getting her, my sister is done & i just have to order my dad's present! BOOM! I am feeling accomplished!

There is supposedly a huge snow storm about to hit southwest MO & northern Arkansas. AKA I am praying for a snow day tomorrow. BUT it's Missouri which means i will probably be a light dusting since they are calling for so much...but that is just my prediction.

 This would be amazing though...

I have been playing christmas music for my kiddos this week & they are loving it! I just picked a playlist off of youtube. It is more contemporary musicians singing chrismas carols but I am loving it nonetheless.

I still have not decorated my tree. We got it put up with lights and went to wrap the burlap i bought around it & I didn't have enough...eff. Anyways I fixed the problem & we plan on decorating it tonight...hopefully. ;)

I am actually all caught up on my bravo shows. (okay that is a lie, not RHOA, but i fell asleep half way through the last episode so i am only a half behind) I am still debating on the new RHOBH ladies. I think I am gonna hate carlton. She seems extremely conceited and thinks she is better than everyone. Then there is Joyce, currently i like her...but i just feel like that will change. I have decided not to watch Vanderpump Rules, because I hate stassi.

 She is such a brat and thinks she is literally above everyone and NEVER WRONG. She actually threw a tantrum because scheena is working on the same WTF. I just can't.

okay well that hodge podge needs to be done.
happy friday eve.
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  1. There are already a lot of schools closed today (like steelville, rolla, cuba area). so it might get worse than we think! SNOW DAY PLEASE!

  2. I never got into Vanderpump Rules *say it isn't so* but I just couldn't. It felt incredibly staged and over the top. But you know Lisa is my absolute fav on RHOBH and Giggy too of course :-D

    I also am not a fan of Carlton and her weird kid names and gothic house. Why would you take such a gorgeous over the top house and ruin it? *sigh*

  3. No Stassi for me either! I just don't like that show! I'm very on the fence about Carlton too. I'm a little scared of her, honestly.

  4. While you're praying for snow, I'm praying for cold weather. It's currently in the 70s in Houston! It was in the 70s AND HUMID (so it felt like 80) when I left this morning but is now in the 50s and should keep dropping! Crossing my fingers for 40s!

  5. Your snow story sounds about the same here, too. We will be predicted to get so much & then it comes & it's like nothing. :) Hoping for a snow day for you! Can you say 3 day weekend?!

  6. Stassi really is a bitch. I didn't think I could feel sorry for Jax, but I definitely do.


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