Monday, December 9, 2013

Snow apocolypse shenans

Well friends, what a crazy weekend.
I am home from school again...
The main roads are pretty much cleared but all the side roads are rouggggh, & since I work in a rural school district they called, but so did all the other districts around here so yeah...

anywhoos my weekend includes the following--

one. I downloaded a new chrismasy background
two. started a DIY project
three. Sending selfies to D when he was out n about
four. Made jambalya with turkey sausage & fixins for saturday din with the boy!

two. D, I &  a few friends went out for a few drinks on saturday #cranANDvodka
three. D & i selfie on the way to his parents

*Oh and it misted and froze over when we were at D's parent's house. They live a bit out in the country & there hilly roads and long story short Dave's truck got stuck going up a hill on the way home & we had to leave his truck in some strangers drive and stay at his parents house.*

But i am home safe & sound this morning!
How was your weekend??

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  1. Oh my gosh, your tree!!! How depressing is that?!

  2. ok that tree is extremely sad. I would be so upset if that happened and maybe even cried.

  3. Oh no! I hope none of your ornaments broke when the tree knocked over! We had a dog who knocked over or tree one year and a couple of my Mom's favourite ornaments broke, it was the worst! :(

  4. looks like fun! I wish we had a snow day again! :(

    p.s. what diy project are you working on little lady?

  5. How did you tree stand break?! Your tree looks so sad :( lol. Glad you guys are ok after that incident! Yikes!

  6. Can we not talk about how jealous I am of your impromptu Monday off? *sigh*

    That sucks about the tree stand, that is my worst fear every year when the tree goes up.

  7. Ohh no about your tree!! :(
    I'm glad you and D are safe and sound!!

  8. I always fear my Christmas tree will fall over and start a fire somehow. Hope everything around the Christmas tree wasn't affected by the fall.

  9. Oh my goodness girl! How did your ornaments fare? Any broken ones? :( That is one of my fears! My in-law's tree always falls over. Seriously, like once a year. So glad that you & D are okay! Enjoy the rest of your day off!

  10. I would hate if our tree ever fell over as it has so many ornaments on it.

  11. Love your tree, but yikes! That is my biggest fear is my tree falling and knocking something else over!

    Would love for you to take part next week for your Weekend Recap

    xo Having a Weekend Recap this week and next if you would like to join!

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