Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Mason Jar

Now I love mason jars. They are all over my apartment and my classroom. I think they look rustic and chic YET there is so MANY possibilities you can use them for. They are totally versatile & that is why I love them.

Now I am a bit of cheapo errr.... resourceful. So, instead of buying mason jars from craft stores or Walmart, I just use pasta jars, jelly jars, or whatever else I buy that comes packaged in a mason jar. I wash it out  & take of the label and TA DA! It is good to go. I am all about using what i got!

So when i was contacted by Personal Creations to check out this page that has 50, YES 50 ways to use mason jars, I WAS STOKED :) As I browsed I kept saying things like.. "WOW that is such a great idea" and "I NEED to try that!"

 I knew I had to share with my lovely readers. I selected a few favorites (which was hard because there were SO MANY great ideas!)

 {one}. Individual salads! This would be the perfect way to a pack ingredients for a lunch and/or pincic I tend to go through baggies/little Tupperware containers when bringing the toppings for salad to school. I love the idea of layering my toppings in one container and I am ready to go! Less wasteful and less dishes to wash. WIN-WIN!
 {two} Inside herb garden. I LOVE cooking and trying out new recipes! In a lot of my recipes they have different kind of herbs and instead of having to buy the dried kind, why not have fresh right at my finger tips? I love the idea of using a mason jar to grow the herbs that I love to use to brighten up recipes. They can be arranged in a wooden holder with handmade tags for a perfect homey touch!
 {three} uh duh, we all know this girl love an alcoholic beverage. Vodkas etc can get price for the really good stuff. I love a flavored vodka but sometimes the taste is not exactly similar to what they named it. Why not make your own?! Fill a mason jar with your favorite plain vodka and then put in different fruits (my favorite would be pineapple) let soak and BOOM home-made flavored vodka, delish!

{four} I literally would have never though of this idea! a PIN CUSHION! stuff your favorite fabric wrap around the flat part of the lid secure rounded lid an d then there ya have it, a gorgeous pin cushion. I love this idea because you can sue your favorite fabric and you can stash extra material, thread, tools inside the jar. It is quite compact plus its very cute!

{five} ORGANIZATION! I love to organize! I have actually done this in my own place! Using the mason jars get all the odds & ends of a bathroom, office, kitchen and place them in mason jars. Set them in a chic line across a counter or if you have handy man (hey, or YOU could be the handy one) and build a shelf etc to put them on. The jars could be painted or labeled to make them even more personal.

Well there you have it! Go check out the personal creations website and get your own ideas on how to use those mason jars!

I was not compensated for this post and all thoughts based on the product were mine.

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  1. I have like 100 mason jars left over from my wedding!

  2. Mason jars (or any jars) are soooo useful!!!

  3. Love mason jars, I haven't tried infusing vodka but during the summer I keep a supply of infused water in mason jars fully stocked in the fridge! Cucumber & lemon is my must have!

  4. I never really got the mason jar thing but using them for salads and homemade booze sounds brilliant! I've also kind of wanted to start growing my own herbs but have no idea where to start! Google... probably. haha.

  5. i love love love mason jars!!!!!!!! what cool ideas!!!!!!!!!!!


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