Thursday, December 19, 2013

Get outta here with that

Hallelujah its thursday.

these kids are NUTS! I mean who can blame them though? Christmas is exactly one week away! How is this even possible? I feel school just started...well sometimes. Sometimes I feel like I have been teaching forEVER.

anyways today should fly by seeing as I have two specials plus their rescheduled music performance is the last part of the day. Then tomorrow is half day for the kiddies & then potluck for the teachers in the afternoon :)

So yesterday D & I were listening to this song and it said a phrase that I simply hate. That got me thinking...there are plenty of things sayings I cannot stand & I wish they would just go away.

{1} 'Tie one on' (this was the from the song) I hate this phrase for getting a drink, I think it just sounds gross.

{2}" a coons age' I guess this means you haven't seen/done/ etc in a long time. I think it just sounds stupid (ps dave and my mother  says this once in a while & i just want smack them!)

{3}'ain't' While this isn't a phrase, so many of my kids say this. AIN'T IS NOT A WORD PEOPLE!!! stop teaching this terrible vocabulary to your children.

{4} 'no offense but...' hey ass hole you do mean something offensive, so just do not say it. but if ou must do not try to make yourself feel better by saying 'no offense' IT IS OFFENSIVE.

any phrases get under your skin?
maybe it's just me??


  1. I have never even heard those first two phrases! lol

  2. haha "no offense but..." so true!

  3. I know plenty of people who use the "no offense but..." or "I'm not trying to be mean...BUT..." ANNOYING!

  4. First off, Liz Lemon = Love.
    Second, If you're starting a sentence with "no offence but..." you should probably just keep your mouth shut and not say whatever it is comes after the but. I knew someone once who would start sentences with "It's none of my business but..." as if somehow acknowledging that she knew she shouldn't say it made it better.

  5. I shouldn't hate it simply because I use it OFTEN but "....just saying!" <-- so guilty but it is really very annoying. Obviously you are "just saying" if you said it. Also, I absolutely hate when people use "smh" online. For some reason "lol" doesn't bother me, but "smh" ? Are you really shaking your head? Doubt it! Oh and "guh" in place of "girl." I think this one bothers me the worst. "How you doing guh?" <--- LOOKS AND SOUNDS SO RIDICULOUS. Just stop.


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