Friday, December 20, 2013

Friday Letters

& it is friday!!

at 3:10 my two week vacay begins!! WAHOOOO :) I am so ready!
I am not sure what the weekend has in store for us but I am praying its relaxing...oh ps we are suppose to get a crazy amount of snow..AGAIN.

I can't take anymore snow.

alrighty since it's friday, onto the friday letters.

Dear kiddos, I am gonna miss ya over break. Even though you made my crazy all week I will miss your sweet faces1 I hope you enjoy your break and stay nice and cozy :)

Dear classroom, I will not be back in you for at least a week (til i come back up to work and re-arrange)

Dear snow, stay the eff away from you craycray hooker.

Dear healthy diet, We have done SO well this week! I am afraid for what might happen next week when I am home & my mom's cookies and treats are in arms reach...yikes.

Dear Zumba, I LOVED trying you out on Wednesday! I cannot wait to go back after break!! #zumbawednesdays

Dear Christmas, uhhh how are you 5 days away!!!??? I haven't even finished shopping!!

Happy Friday Loves!


  1. If you have time over break while you are in STL we should meet up for lunch or something. I'm off work the 26-29th! :)

  2. So glad I'm not the only one who hasn't finished shopping yet...I'm braving the mall this afternoon and hoping its as quick & painless as possible. However my dad and brother are almost impossible to shop for!

  3. You know I'm happy simply because of the lovely GIF :)

  4. Zumba is the BEST I absolutely love it! So jealous of your long vacay!


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