Thursday, December 5, 2013

Friday Fancies

 D & I decorated my xmas tree last night :)

& yes I am sitting all curled up on my couch because school is canceled because of the heavy amounts snow received. I guess I was wrong about doubting the weather man.

I am linking up for  Friday Fancies & the theme this week is Holiday Party. I did a little twist and picked two looks for two different parties.

FF-Party mode

The first look (left) is for a cocktail party. I am loving lace currently and black is always classy. I paired it with a nude heels because  they are classic. I also picked out a studded purse to add a little edge.
The second look (right) is for an ugly sweater party. I chose a sweatshirt with an image from one of my favorite Christmas movies 'A Christmas Story' and added black jeggings & cozy boots. I like to be warm but also comfy when partying, le duh. 
Have a great weekend XOXO
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  1. That nars polish is gorgeous! That sweater party outfit looks so comfy. I'd skip the cocktail party to wear that :P

  2. I own those gray boots! LOVE THEM! I need a Christmas-y shirt to wear! haha.
    LOVE your tree. And you! :) Enjoy your snow day!

  3. I love that sweater I need to find one by next Thursday for a party at Billy's work.

  4. Stay warm and cozy today... super jealous of your day off!

    Love the bow on the tree :)

  5. haha, you can't forget the ugly sweater party! Those are the best, in my humble opinion :) That dress is gorgeous though! Love the bow on top of your tree :)

  6. I love the burlap bow on your tree! That is the perfect little touch!

  7. Love the outfits but really, really loving that dress! The tree looks great! Have a great weekend :)

  8. Your tree looks great! I have those same "ugly christmas sweater party" boots, and they are so cozy & warm!

  9. I love your tree! And can't lie I am a little jealous you got the day off!!

    -- SarahChristine


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