Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Bev Hills & Christmas Eve!

Happy Christmas EVE :)

Is it really Christmas eve??? Holy Smokes kids!

So D & I are heading out to his parents this afternoon & i am so excited! We are also going to exchange our presents today before we go. We were gonna break it up into a few at his parents & mine. BUT then we decided to just do it privately. I cannot wait for him to see his presents eeeek!

mmkay so can we please talk about RHOBH please.
I obvi watched last night. I know I am going to sound heartless blah blah blah, but could brandi be anymore dramatic. YES dogs/pets are important and can be part of the family. I totally understand & I am not putting down or minimizing a pets worth etc, BUT GOOD LORD, she can be stupid whore bag who says the most heinous things to people....yet all must stop because her dog got out.


come ON!
*I get it, i am heartless* 

Also i am pretty much still boycotting Vanderpump Rules. LOVE lisa, but stassi is such beyotch. EFF. Hey whorebag, you are a waitress. While I am glad you are making that money....you are not a celebrity. You are gonna be a nobody soon enough.

Get off your high horse bitch.

side note- I did google SUR's menu. Ya know just in case I am ever in beverly hills & I want to go there I need to know how much monies my wallet needs. It was expensive but not as crazy as I thought.

who wants go with me?

So this was so pointless. I feel like I need to add a christmas photo to make it more appropriate for this time of year?


oh & it snowed AGAIN yesterday.
Have a good Christmas EVE lovlies


  1. But you loooooove Brandi! :-P

    Merry Christmas Eve!

  2. I have a bunch of DVR'd RHOBH to watch! I used to like Brandi but she's such a see you next tuesday and still obsessed with her ex husband!


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