Friday, December 13, 2013

5 on friday {& a new blog design}


I wish i was tgif-y, but let's be real. i have been off work all week... Granted I did work at school on Wednesday/Thursday...i was sitting in sweats with a large sweet tea and christmas music playing...

&incase you were wondering I am out again today because it is already sleeting & freezing raining.

alrighty onto the 5 for friday!!

{one} UHHH HAVE YOU NOTICED SOMETHING NEW AROUND HERE?? UH yeah that's my gorgeous new layout!! This lady did it for me and I am so in love! She literally channeled exactly what I was thinking :) She is obviously so talented and so sweet to boot! Go check her out, NOW!

{two} I am a lover of all things Christmas, le duh. BUT since I have been home I have been blasting Christmas music. I have been just looking up playlists on youtube. This one is a fave because it has a lot of older artists (Bing Crosby etc) doing the classics.

{three} Sparkles. duh, we all know I love sparkles. Lucky for me this is this weeks theme for Friday Fancies.


What do ya think? I just did a collage of all lovely sparkley things :)

{four} I am almost done xmas shopping!! I need to finish up my mom & sister this weekdn & THEN BOOOOOM this girlfriend is done.

{five} I have started meal planning. I am hoping to stick to it. I am trying to be healthy and workout but I gotta get meal planning under way! I told D I am gonna start doing it. I mostly need to be able to say NO when he wants to eat out so much! Gotta stay strong :)

Have a great weekend lovlies!!


  1. LOVE the layout! I am going to go check her out right now! :)

    so jealous that you haven't had school!

  2. Loveeeeeeee your design! I am done Christmas shopping, too! yay for us!

  3. LOVE the design! Going to check out your lovely designer now!!! And YAY for sparkles!!!! There's a linkup next week that I'm excited to link up for because they're talking NYE outfits! :) :) :)

  4. I love your blog design! It is super, super cute!! Enjoy your first day back at school! ;)

  5. I noticed your new design the other day and was going to say something but was afraid that maybe it hadn't just changed and I was going to sound silly commenting on it. Either way I love it!!

  6. The design is very cute :) And I love that blue sparkly dress!

  7. I love the new layout! It is so cute.

  8. LOVE your new layout! Those sparkly dresses would be perfect for NYE!


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