Sunday, November 10, 2013

Weekend Shenans

Good Morning!

obviously its monday so the obvious weekend post needs to be up.
except I didn't do much this weekend. & I was a bad blogger and took zero pictures. #failure
I am also so tired, from what? I do not know, but it's monday...and i hate mondays.

Lets go back to bed.

Dave went out for his friend's bachelor party on friday, so needless to say he was not feeling so hot on saturday, so there was a lot of laying around, eating of chinese food.  & watching of Netflix. We started arrested development (ps we abandoned Weeds, we both find nancy OBNOXIOUS!!) but we are loving arrested development to far.

Then we went to his brother's for a bonfire. We roasted hotdogs and a nice night.

Sunday we got up pretty early, went up to my school an worked/re-arrange my classroom a bit. D he is such a trooper, i am so lucky that he willingly helps me with zero complaints....well almost zero :)

& that was my weekend.
pretty slow. But i enjoyed it.

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you should too.

ANYWAYS, it's wedding week!! Jen & Cody (the ones who introduced D & I) are getting hitched on Tuesday!! I cannot wait!!

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  1. Your Saturday sounds PERFECT! Happy Mun-Day :)

  2. Sometimes weekends where you don't do a lot are the best ones! Sounds like you had a great time!

  3. I agree.... I wish it wasn't Monday. The weekends just go way to fast. I'm not ready to deal with kiddos. Ugh. Looooong week here we come.

  4. Sounds like a perfectly relaxing weekend! I loved the first few seasons of Weeds and then it just got annoying and ridiculous, I tried to hang in but I still haven't watched the last season.


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