Wednesday, November 20, 2013

uhh yeah, I am alive.

Not posting in blogland for more than a few days is pretty much unheard of.
i feel extremely disconnected, but ALAS, i am ALIVE and kicking!

Just not a lot to say. School has consumed my life. Planning, teaching, life.
oh and a few tv shows and sleep..that is it.  #boring

anywhoos the kids have been driving me BONKERS lately. (the seasons are changing, its almost thanksgiving..we get a whole week, it's my kiddos=THEY ARE CRAY CRAY!

 HOWEVER, with that being said, they are pretty darn good kids. They can be so compassionate and kind. Over the past few weeks here are few instances that I have seen.

*Our librarian had been out for a week or two because her mother was very ill and then passes away. I never told my kids why she was gone (I was going to leave that to her to share if she wanted), so when she came my kids asked her why she had been gone? She explained and there was a collective, "awwww' and even a few "I am sorry for your loss" BIBLE,  i had a few third graders say that. Then of course the questions started flying about what happened to her and of my student's blurted "Guys, she is probably really sad and doesn't want to talk about it! Let's get started"  Insert misty eyed teacher.

*We had a new student start this week. My kids went ABOVE and BEYOND to help him with assignments, our procedures and made sure he had someone to talk to at lunch.

Be still my heart.

*When i got sick a few weeks ago and had to to home, the next day they came in and were asking me how I was feeling and said "thank god you are back, we really missed you"

So on days when they are driving me crazy the little glimmers of wonderful.
wow i love my job

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  1. Aw, I love your compassion and love for your kiddos!

  2. That is so sweet of your kids! I love that they missed you when you were out. And that's actually (sadly) shocking to hear how inviting they were of the new kids. You are clearly doing a great job, keep it up!!

  3. BIBLE haha I just literally lol'd at the bar. That is so sweet!

  4. Sounds like you have an amazing group of kids in your classroom, how sweet of them.

    And since when do schools close for the whole week of Thanksgiving? Back in my day (you know when you had to walk up hill both ways in 6 feet of snow to school) we only got a 1/2 day on Wednesday and then Thursday and Friday off. Booooo!

  5. Aww, you have a great bunch of kids. That's awesome!


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