Thursday, November 7, 2013

Things I will Never Get Over

Well hello thursday! SO GLAD you are here! I am ready for the weekend. EVEN though I am probably going to be coming into school...*fingers crossed* D will come with  me & help!

So i was driving along the other day & I heard something on the radio that inspired this post.

Things i will never get over

{one} Chocolate & Peanut Butter. I freakin love that combo, and it will ALWAYS be delicious.

{two} The smell of clean clothes. I love the smell of fresh laundry gets me every time.

{three} The Spice Girls breaking up! #girlpower #zidazigahhhh

{four} Watching the Macy's Day parade! I cannot wait to snuggle up on the couch & watch it this year!

{five} Being obsessed with 'Friends'. I still watch as many re-runs as possible.

What will you never get over??

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  1. I am with you on Friends and the parade! two of my favorites! :) ohh and of course chocolate and pb but I try to stay away! haha.

    have a great Thursday dear! :)

  2. YES to Friends! And The OC... miss those 2 shows so much. I seriously cried when they ended :(

  3. Aww the Spice Girls. I miss those bitches!

  4. I love the Spice Girls! My sister and I still jam out to them in the car. :)

  5. I hear you on the spice girls! Spice world forever!

  6. Oh my gosh, Spice up your life! I'd kill to see them do a reunion tour... which, from what I've heard, might be happening! Fingers crossed! :) ♥

  7. Cory and Topanga. Good thing they're coming out with Girl Meets World!

  8. I will never get over Friends, either. It doesn't matter what episode it is, if I happen to catch reruns on TV I will watch every single one. And I own every season, and I used to fall asleep to Friends every single night.. But my seasons are in storage right now, so I can't fall asleep to it right now, which sucks. But still... Friends is like, the best thing that ever happened to television, I'm pretty sure.


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