Monday, November 25, 2013


I am digging this Monday! Obviously because I am off work and laying on my couch in a hoodie & sweats because it looks like this outside...

28 degrees & overcast, YUCK!!!
I think its gonna be a hot coco day!

alrighty onto the weekend!

(top left clockwise)
1. This girl was a happy lady to be leaving school on friday, shameless selfie.
2. OOTD for day date with D
3. Arm Candy
4. CATCHING FIRE!!! We went to one of those theaters that has recliners & you can drink/eat actual food.
5. BUD LIGHT, le duh :)

**ps the movie was amazing & if you have any type of social media, you probs know that already!**

1. Saturday night we went to the kareoke bar & i stole D's hat.
2. Sunday was spent watching Prison Break for hours & The Wizard of Oz!!! It is one of my fave movies
3. D & I, yeppp that is one of his winter hats.. ;)
4. BRAUMS, because ice cream always tastes the best when its freezing outside

Happy Moday!
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  1. OH THE ICE CREAM!!! YUM! I love your OOTD from the date!

  2. I saw Catching Fire too! I LOVED it!! I'm already ready to see it again. :)

  3. Ugh, it was sleeting on my way to work this morning! BRRRRR.
    You are so freakin cute! I heart you.

  4. Is that a sparkly cardigan?! Love!! I'm waiting until the crowds die down to go see Catching Fire. Enjoy your time off!

  5. Enjoy your break! It's snowing here & overcast & a jammy day. :) I love ice cream when it's cold & I have no idea why! How will you be celebrating Thanksgiving? Both families?

  6. I haven't seen catching fire yet. Need to see it asap! Everyone is saying it was so good.

  7. Super jealous that you have the entire week off and that you got to see Catching Fire already. I need to get my butt to a movie theater stat!

  8. cute! We went to Catching Fire too! SUCH A GREAT MOVIE! :) love love love! happy week off lady!


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