Friday, November 15, 2013

Five on Friday

Duh, we are all excited for friday.
no need to tell ya that one!!

anywhoos this week flew by, i mean hello four day work week makes for a quick one. I am not totally sure of the plans for the weekend. I want to get some xmas shopping in, i NEED to grocery shop and who knows what else.

But since it's friday, I am gonna link up for 5 for friday

1. This is what my day off looked like-- #noshame

2. I am VERY anti putting up christmas stuff before thanksgiving, but I cannot wait to get my tree up!! I am just itching for all the xmas goodness. I am hoping to do a few DIY christmas things this year.

3.Its PAYDAY! This girl is gonna do a little online shopping soon!!

4.I am OBSESSING over RHOBH&RHOA!! I cannot get enough! I don't think I am gonnalike Carlton, but I am keeping an open mind, and so far I like the little latina lady(yeah..i cannot think of her name). I need to get caught up on shahs, but hot damn, I am loving the housewives so far. Still
 HATE kenya and brandi...but whatever. (BUT seriously, neither has been married while being on the show....WHY ARE THEY PART OF A SHOW CALLED houseWIVES????---I don't get it)

5. This song--

happy friday gems!
See ya on monday!

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  1. Cute head band thingy! No idea what they're called. :) Have a great weekend!

  2. Brandi GAH SHE KILLS ME!!!!! And Kenya is an asshole - big one. I don't think I'll like Carlton either, she's very unfriendly and I'm a little scared of her.

  3. I love that Little Big Town song, too! So good! Hope you are having a great weekend!


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