Friday, November 22, 2013

Back in Black

I am so glad it is friday..i will be officially on vacay for a week at 3:10 today!! YAHOOO!

anywhoos- I am linking up with Friday Fancies today! The theme is 'Black Friday' thus all things black. If you know me, over half my wardrobe is black!! DUHH! Black slimming, i like to look slim.

anyways I picked this outfit out!

black friday-FF

black friday-FF by sar789 featuring wedge sandals

Leggings, because who likes real pants?
a flow grey tank & leather jacket. I am still lusting over all leather jackets...i need another.
Wedges, because I always love wedges.
& a little gold jewelry never hurt anyone. I was a bit skeptical about the earrings, but the more i look at them,
the more i love them!

What do you think??


 photo sarahsignature_zpsf4117207.jpg


  1. Love that outfit! I'm a sucker for all things black!

  2. Cute outfit! That would look great on you! xo

  3. Yes that outfit is the bomb dot com!

  4. I need that tank. Visiting from Friday Fancies link up!

    xo, tasha
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