Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Apartment Tour {Living Room}

Happy Wednesday Dolls!

So the apartment tour continues. I wanted my living room to be complete before i showed you, but ehh..i am all about being real, so I thought why the heck not! Now I still want a few more things to put on my walls, namely above my couch! However, i think it has come together pretty well with that I already have.

**note, don't mind all the fall decorations I have up ;)**

View from my front door
Coffee Table
View, I am in love with my red couch!

My book shelf

End table ONE
Boxes on the wall

End table TWO

There ya have it, stay tuned for more of the tour later this month!


  1. cuteeeeeee!!! I want to come visit!!!

  2. I love it!!! I love all the decorations, too! :) I can't wait to come visit!

  3. Love it! And all of your decorations, too! :) That couch rocks!

  4. Love the new place and of course loving all the fall decor :)

  5. What a lovely living room! I LOVE that red couch!


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