Thursday, November 21, 2013

Annoying things about the blogging world

Yes we ALL love blogging, or at least like it. I mean DUH, if we didn't we wouldn't be doing it. But as with all other things in life, there are the hang-ups, the downside, the annoyances.

We all probably think about them (then again, this could ALL be me and no one will agree with me).

1. When big bloggers only respond to other big bloggers. It's annoying. There are a select few bloggers that i have in mind that i used to ADORE and would comment, tweet do the whole shebang because I liked their content, whether it was funny or spoke to my heart. I get it, when you are big blogger and you cannot respond to all comments/tweets. I get it. HOWEVER, when you NEVER respond to anyone other than a so-called 'big blogger', its rude. #meangirls

2. We all get annoyed with the bloggers who seem to have it all together and they paint a perfect picture of their life. HOWEVER, what annoys me even more are the ones who try TOO hard to act like they are super normal. Stop trying so hard. We know you aren't THAT humble.

3. Giveaways that have 89748374893 entries that are mandatory. obnoxious.

4. ALL the photos that are on a post were all over instagram and twitter (I am guilty of this...Shame on me)

5. When someone get's a fabulous new design, & it looks like what you would love to have.  Duh, totally jealous....and mostly just annoyed with myself. #iwantanewdesignforthenewyear

6. When someone blogs the exact same thing over and over... 'things people say to 20 year olds' 'things you will see in your 20s' 'things to miss from college' 'you know you aren't in college anymore when' material please? (I do not mean those who have strictly a fitness/fashion/etc blog...just those that used to post a lot and come up with dumb things just to have a post)

7.When guest posts are more common than actual posts.

8. Same with giveaways.

am I the only one who feels like this??
or am i just being a bitchy?

Happy thursday ladies!

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  1. I agree so much with number 1...makes me want to scream!

  2. I agree with the giveaways one! I barely enter anymore because I had to follow all the big bloggers and I don't want to!

  3. So much yes to #1, 7, and 8. I had to unfollow a few due to this. There was zero content left on their blog and it was just giveaway after giveaway with a dash of self promotion and sponsored posts *gag*.

    There are some awesome "big bloggers" out there who are super sweet, but there are a few that seem to think their sh*t doesn't stink :-P

  4. Yes! I love this list. Especially #1!!!!
    Also, Aimee at Dear Harper ( does awesome designs! If you want something, tell her I sent you. :) :)

  5. YES ALL OF THESE. Totally guilty of #4 myself though so I can't say it bothers me, haha. I still read a lot of "big bloggers" but no longer comment because it's completely pointless. You will pretty much never see #7 and #8 on my blog. I don't mind that others I know do it, but it's just not for me.

  6. Agreed! I really hate when I spend time commenting and never hear back from someone. It makes me not want to read their blog anymore. And giveaways are a bit excessive these days. Sure we would all like to win a little something but what happened to blogging? Surely you didn't start blogging to do giveaways!

  7. You are not the only one my love! Totally agree with it all especially number 1 and everything about the giveaways THAT I NEVER WIN MIND YOU!

  8. I agree with pretty much all of these. I'm guilty of the Instagram thing too. Something that bugs particular blogger was brand new, had been blogging for less time than I had and all of a sudden BLEW UP. That's not what bothered me, good for her and her success. What bugged me was I reached out and commented regularly before she big and she never responded to a single comment. A few weeks later one of the big bloggers called her "one of the sweetest girls she ever met" and I was like ummm...beg to differ! Obviously she was responding to other's people's comments and things, but not mine. Am I just not good enough or what?! Lol

  9. Agree with a lot of these! If you need a new blog revamp, hit me up I'm a cheapo and a nice lady! ;) #Shamelesspromotion but I agree I don't think any one person has it together and when they try to sugarcoat it on their blogs?. No bueno. Heck, I blog about being a little slore-y with my online dating adventures yolo!

  10. I totally agree with these!!! And the #1 is more than anything... There are some I've actually stopped bothering to dive into as much.

  11. I agree with all of these one million percent. Especially the first one!

  12. I don't think I'm guilty of any of these. I hope not at least! You'd tell me if I was, I'm certain of it :)

  13. Not being bitchy at all! One of the best ways to improve yourself is to notice what kinds of things you don't like and then make sure you don't do them!

    -- SarahChristine

  14. Sarah, I totally agree with you! Number 1 is so true. And so sad. I realize that people can't respond to everyone but it doesn't hurt to try. Even if it's a week after it's still nice to get acknowledged. I hear ya!

  15. Number 1 is soo damn true!! All too familiar with these specific ladies...So annoying AND rude! There's always bigger and better to focus on anyways ;-)

  16. Uhh, I agree with ALL of these!
    I'm guilty of post IG pics on the blog though (& twitter), so shame on my for that too. ;)
    I try to be as real as I can, so you get good days, bad days, random days etc on my blog. Haha, It's a mess!
    And I want a new design so. bad. As soon as I can figure out what I want, it's happening!

  17. Amen! Being intimidated my the "Big Blogger Mean Girl Club" was one of the things that turned me off blogging at first, luckily I've discovered that there are loads of lovely welcoming and supportive people in the blogging world! And ugh..giveaway/guest posts. I get that it's fun to have those once in a while but it's your should probably write some content. I came across a blogger the other day that was charging people to write guest posts on her blog...for $40 you could write a post on her blog! Totally blew my mind.

  18. I feel the same way!
    I have had number one happen to me , all I asked her was how does she come up with what she writes, and I got NOTHING back !
    Jenn xo

  19. I'm guilty of using instagram pics. But hey I don't use my dinky digital camera what so ever anymore and don't have a DSL camera. How am I supposed to upload pics to my blog? ;)

  20. So true! "We know you aren't that humble." made me laugh so hard. This post just speaks of all of our inner frustrations :)

    x leah symonne x


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