Tuesday, November 26, 2013

5 thannngs

Happy Tuesday!!

I'm hopefully finding most of you on your 'Friday' and ready to have a 5-day weekend? I am on day two of my vacay! Yesterday was relaxing but productive!! I got all my fall decorations down and christmas decorations up! We are gonna do the tree after we get back from Thanksgiving (mostly bc D thinks its crazy to put it up before thanksgiving & i want him to help) I will post pictures next week!!

I also managed to make a crock pot meal, get my MRI (Missouri Reading Institute) binder organized and tabbed so I am ready for next semester (MRI, is basically the training for all things literacy i did this past fall--all new teachers to the district go through it)

oh & i showered. #productive

anyways onto more important things, This sexpot tagged me in 5 things last week and since things were a little cray, i am just now getting things back in order

1. What artist/song/album do you have on repeat right now? 
Artist: Luke Bryan, duh
Song: 'Don't let me be Lonely- The Band Perry
2. If you could see one artist/band perform before you die, who would it be?
Spice Girls
3. What is one thing you have worked towards this year? Would you say it was a success?
Getting a teaching job, I busted my butt last spring and it feels so amazing to be doing what I have always dreamed of. Even though it is so stressful, i am so in love with it and I am exactly where I need to be.
4. If you could go back in time, which age would you want to repeat?  
21, it was crazy and alcohol driven, but an amazing year. (could i bring D with me??)
5. If money weren't an issue, would you live somewhere else? Where?
By the beach, please. 
Happy Tuesday!
2 days til T-Day!

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  1. All I can do right now is dream of the beach...with a pending snow storm coming up, I'm trying to think happy thoughts of warm water and sand!!

    And really, showering is SO productive!! especially because it doesn't always happen...at least with me. Ha!

  2. I love that you said the Spice Girls!!! That would be a fun concert!

  3. I saw Spice Girls in concert!!! It was aahhhhhmazing!

  4. Lucky you get the whole week off , I am beyond jealous!!!

    Also, slice girls... Wish they would come back. Amazing!

  5. YES. Spice Girls! That would be AMAZING! I am definitely a beach girl as well and these temperatures have me craving summer like no other! I'm currently ok with the weather but I know soon enough I'll be counting down the days until summer again!

  6. I've been listening to Luke Bryan on repeat too <3 The Spice Girls would be so much fun to see in concert! It would be the perfect girls' night! Winter has barely begun and I'm already waiting for summer.


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