Monday, October 14, 2013

Weekend Shenans {STL edition}

What a weekend :) I am glad to be back at school to see my kids but I am so NOT ready for this weekend to be over!!

D & i went to STL this weekend and it was jam packed full of stuff


1. Cookies I got for my kids for turning their conference notes in.
2. Left overs from Thursday night...NOMNOM
3. Breakfast of champs.. a banana & chocolate milk
4. D & i on the road to STL
5. Selfie I sent D before I left school...he is lucky!

1. Face in Hole at the Farmer's market
2. The teeny doughnuts at the Farmer's Market
3. Old time beer truck on the brewery tour
4. Brewery Tour
1. D & I on the Tour
2. My sister & I on the tour
3. Our Free samples
4. Shock Top Pumpkin
1. D with light up glasses at the gift shop
2. Dad & i at the zoo
3. Elephants
4. D & I at the zoo

1. Hodaks for lunch..BEST FRIED CHICK EVER.
2. D & I at the flea market
3. WE BOTH miss QT slushies so we had to get on the way back to Springfield
4. GORGEOUS drive

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How was your weekend??


  1. I want to go to the zoo!!! looks like fun and a gorgeous weekend!!! :)

    How did D do with the fam?

  2. Oooo FUN weekend! You and D are SO cute together. xo

  3. Those cookies are my absolute favorite! I can eat the whole box in one sitting... #noshame

  4. Ummmm those cookies. Way too good. We can't keep them in my house ;) love all of the photos! What a great weeked.

  5. I've never been to a brewery, and I grew up so close to Boston and never went to Sam Adams brewery :-P

    Looks like fun! :)

  6. First things first, is that a UNICORN on D's shirt? (With the light up glasses?)

    Yay for a fun weekend with D in STL! Looks like y'all had a great time! Now I want some festive cookies!!

  7. Dropping by from the link up! Looks like you had a super fun weekend! Chocolate milk and a banana is my go to super quick/running late breakfast!


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