Monday, October 7, 2013

Weekend Shenans

I hate Mondays.
end of story.

I do like the fall weather that is hitting MO, please stay.
So it is time to link up with sassy muffin Sami for weekend shenans.

Friday after work I raced home to D. We ran errands, got ready & headed to our friend's Cody & Jen's place to grill out. A group of us got together to grill then headed to the karaoke bar for a shenanigan filled night.

1. Collaboration time at school. (all fridays are half days, for the kids, then the teachers have meetings & collaboration time)
2. Lindsey with the 'Reserved for Sarah' sign the put on the table when i reserved the table for us.
3. The girls doing a 'sorority' pose aka all the poses sorority girls make. (side note- i along with lindsey were both in sororities--all in good fun)
4. The girls with a nice pose :)

Saturday was SO LAZY!! It literally rained all day long and I did not complain once!! I curled up on the couch in sweats, caught up on blogs and watched I dream of NeNe.  Dave was out with a friend during the day but later that night we  made a late dinner and redboxed a few movies (The great & powerful Oz, 42, and the place beyond the pines). The first two were pretty good, but the place beyond the pines was really strange

1. Dave making me pancakes for breakfast.
2. Curled up with a fall candle burning while watching I dream of NeNe
3. my healthy lunch-- Brown rice with grilled chicken, peppers, onions & radishes on top. With a dollop of plain Greek Yogurt

Sunday was a GORGEOUS day!! D & I headed out to his parents house. They were having a yard sale but we stayed inside where it was warm and devoured chili and watched The Great & Powerful Oz. It was so nice to just snuggle up on the couch. We also ended up playing redneck bowling... aka all the old coffee mugs, vases, and other breakables in the road and we rolled his dad's old bowling ball toward them...redneck..yes, so fun, HELL YES!
1. My OOTD- jeans & sweatshirt from Platos, shoes- kids department at walmart
2.My apple cider & me curled up watching The Great & Powerful Oz
3. Red Neck bowling
4. D & I

Gorgeous sunset last night @ his parent's house.

Happy Monday! Hope you all had a great wekeend like I did!


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  1. Send some of that fall weather our way, it was high 80's here this weekend. I'm ready for crisp air!

  2. Hahaha sorority girls pose. That is funny. ^^ I'm with Nikki ^^ I can use some fall weather it was 90 yesterday! Bleh :(

  3. looks fantastic lady! :)

    Happy Monday!

  4. I may need to try the redneck bowling out..we have never done this!!!

  5. Fun weekend! I am so ready for this Fall weather to stay, but I don't think it will. My weather thing shows warmer weather starting tomorrow. boo.

  6. You guys are too cute! And redneck bowling for the win!

    Loved 42, great movie! I thought I was going to love Oz the Great and Powerful, but ended up thinking it was weird. I watched it on a plane so maybe that was the problem :-P

  7. We got fall weather down here in Houston too! Freaking miracle! I don't know if it will stay but I am crossing my fingers and toes. What a fun weekend, I love how big your smile is in all of the pictures. Gorgeous!


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