Monday, October 21, 2013

weekend recap!


Welp friends it's parent teacher conference week! EEEEK! I am so nervous! I am hoping it all goes smoothly and there are not major probs.

The weekend went by way tooo quick! But it is only a 4 day work week for me & i know I can make it!! 

Onto my weekend---


{one}. Reppin my case you missed WE ARE WORLD SERIES BOUNNNNNNND!
{two}. One of my little ones brought it doughnuts 
{three}. Watching the game with my fave!
{four}. D & I had an event that the organization I was in in during college put in

{one}. Saturday selfie--it was amazing weather out :)
{two} . Lindsey & I running errands & I had to get some Sno Caps #mahfave
{three}. Jen (the one who introduced D & I) is getting married. Linds and I went to her bridal shower & guess what we got the couple... #makersmark
{four}. D & I had date night. I took him out to where he took me on our first date. It was wonderful

Sunday was KEITH URBAN!!!!

{one}. Selfie before ...duh.
{two}. Drinks & apps beforehand!
{three}. Linds & I at the arena
{four}. Little Big Town opened for him (do Did Dustin Lynch).

**of course my phone died right before keith...GAH!!!

anyhwoos linking up with little miss today!

Happy Monday!!


  1. I feel like if I was a teacher I would suck at parent teacher conferences. I'd be like "your child sucks"

  2. I saw Keith this weekend too! He was great and it reminded me why I wanted to marry him again.

  3. What a fun and busy weekend! Jelly that you saw Keith Urban. And you and D are so f'n cute (I know I say that all the time but I think I'm starting to get jealous bahahaha)!!! xo

  4. looks like a fun weekend!
    good luck with conferences! ours were last week!! You can do it!

  5. Hope you had fun at Keith! Good luck with the conferences this week girl, you got this!!

  6. good luck with conferences!! stella was LOVING your IG last night with the videos from LBT

  7. Boooo another 4 day week? Can I please have your job? :-P

  8. WHAT a great weekend! Any weekend that involves Keith is a good one in my book. Good luck with your teacher conference week! EEK!


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