Thursday, October 17, 2013

Things that are annoyingly true

UMMMM How did it become thursday??
This week is just flying by.

I am counting down til the weekend however, i CANNOT WAIT for all the festivities. Feel free to follow along on my very important & exciting happenings on IG @sarah71389

anywhoos we all know this girl loves a list, le duh. I like to organize my thoughts in a very bullet point style. okay here we goooo--

Things that are  annoyingly true.

{1} Girls who like or know anything about sports MAKE SURE YOU KNOW they like or know anything about sports. If they have even an inkling about a sport they make sure everyone they come in to contact with knows it. We get it, you are a 'guys girl' not a a ditzy girlie girl. You play fantasy baseball, you have angry tweets when your team does poorly & celebratory tweets when they win. We get it.

{2} You sit down, pee and THEN realize there is one square of toilet paper left. Thus making you waddle, with your pants at your ankles to the closet/cupboard and get another roll.

{3} You have big plans to go out to dinner with friends or even a date night with your manfriend. You are excited all day, have your outfit and hair planned, then as you leave work the thunder starts and the rain comes in like noah has been working. #plansruined

{4} Girls who only post on blogs/twitter/etc about how fabulous being single is. They do not need a man, they give lists and lists about how not having a boyfriend rocks and they can have the entire bed to themselves they do not have to share snacks...THEN BAM! They get in a relationship and EVERY SINGLE POST on said social media sites are about the new boyfriend. We cannot get through a post without hearing about how great it is to have a boyfriend & how wonderful it is to have someone to cuddle with.. AND OF COURSE they have to make sure they put in 'my boyfriend did this....' We get it honey, you have a boyfriend. Think of something else to post about it.

*DISCLAIMER- yes i post about D & yes i refer to him as my manfriend in tweets. I am not saying all girls who do that are wrong, obviously. What is ANNOYING is when they go from one extreme to to the other 'i don't need a man--life is so much better without one'-----> 'awww my manyfriend/boyfriend this and that on most posts'

{5} You paint your nails during the week so they are looking fly for the weekend. As you get home for the weekend you notice...the chip. Then by the time it is time to do whatever it is you had planned....your nails are hot mess and look like 5th grade girl who painted them 3 weeks ago.

Just a few things that are  simply true but good lord annoying!


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  1. Okkk I know about hockey (and really ONLY hockey - no other sports) and I will tweet about the Blues...BUT I don't play fantasy hockey...I don't even know how to! hahaha.

    Also, #4 - YES. I mean...I'm okay being single...but I wouldn't mind if a nice guy came along! haha.

  2. HA! This is awesome. You're spot on with every point.

  3. Am I #1? Dammit I probably am, at least a little. I tweet too much about my teams. SORRY :) XOXO

  4. I try to paint my nails on Thursday night so they're nice for the weekend and I'm super annoyed when they chip at some point on Friday *sigh*

  5. I am guilty about the "boyfriend" post but I'm single now so no boyfriend post instead I blog about whatever comes to mind lol

    I also hate when the nail polish chips. I need to get shellac.

  6. I definitely angry tweet about the Texans this year (I think everybody in Houston does, this has been rough lol) BUT I definitely do not claim to be a sports guru. So I think I'm safe there! ;) My favorite one was the waddle to get more TP one.... that is the worst! I hate when that happens!

  7. I wonder if we have the same blog in mind about #4...
    I don't like to tweet about my sports. Mostly because my teams are all losers. But also because it's a jinx and you can't tweet til they win the super bowl/rose bowl/world series/stanley cup.

  8. Amen to #4! I understand that people are excited and happy when they start dating someone new but there's a limit!


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